Age of empires 4 factions dlc

I open this post with the aim of discussing which package of civilizations you are most looking forward to.
With faction packs I mean the Dlcs in which more than one faction is included.

These are the factions that I would like to be included, keep in mind that I am new to the age of empire saga, so I am going to be inspired by past dlcs of the saga.

a possible pack of civilizations in pi opinion could be Spain and Portugal for Europe

Another possible pack of civilizations in my opinion could be Ethiopians and Hausa for Africa.

Another possible pack of civilizations in my opinion could be Japan and Korea for Asia.

This is my opinion of possible packs that we can get and what faction packs you would like to see.

I hope to see no new civs any time soon.
Game is broken and has to be fixed.
More civs would drain the manpower which is badly needed to fix the game and create more chaos and more problems at the same time.

Please no new civs.

We already got 10 asymmetrical civs, that is more than enough.

Have you even played all of them to an extend that you know their playstyles and strategies in and out?

Not really, I don’t need to master anything. Remember, people buy this to enjoy themselves, for some, that means becoming some sweaty gamer that needs to win games. For others, the pleasure is more simple. Almost roleplay like, people enjoy just the fantasy and immersion that playing a certain civilization against another in a certain biome brings. This is large part of why AoE4 feels so lacking, those very options feel lacking. It is large part of what attracted me to AoE2, so I expect it here too.

Mind you, many of the broken things about the game are disconnected from this. People who could work on biomes, on fixing water aesthetics, on making new fauna are not the same people who would be working on a civilization. These things will be done at the same time by different teams. So preventing new civilizations will not really slow down the fixing of the game. So you really don’t have to beg on the forums for them to spare resources.

If there is two things (A, B) the developers are focusing on because the players want it; begging them to drop B to focus on A doesn’t actually make them do the A better. In a company like they have here, they’ll just move the people from project B to project C that may not even be in the same game. So you’ll just get less content, not higher quality. This is just because they’re filling a quota set up by higher ups who aim to make money; if they don’t see the demand for a feature (because of arbitrarily begging them to do option A better) they’ll just take the opportunity to use those resources elsewhere rather than “polish” A.

I understand your point.
By not creating new civs, there wouldn’t necessarily be more available ressources to fix the broken/half coded game.
But (!) the more content is added, the more is there to fix and the more potential for
A) even more bugs, exploits, shortcomings
B) completely broken balance for team matches due to more possible combinations of civs.
We have 10 civs right now.
Example for 2v2
Lets say there are only 2 civs available.
civ1+civ1 vs civ1+civ1
civ1+civ1 vs civ1+civ2
civ1+civ1 vs civ2+civ2
civ1+civ2 vs civ2+civ2
civ2+civ2 vs civ2+civ2

5 cases

3 civs 2v2

civ1+civ1 vs civ1+civ1
civ1+civ1 vs civ1+civ2
civ1+civ1 vs civ1+civ3
civ1+civ1 vs civ2+civ2
civ1+civ1 vs civ2+civ3
civ1+civ1 vs civ3+civ3
civ1+civ2 vs civ1+civ1
civ1+civ2 vs civ1+civ2
civ1+civ2 vs civ1+civ3
civ1+civ2 vs civ2+civ2
civ1+civ2 vs civ2+civ3
civ1+civ2 vs civ3+civ3
civ1+civ3 vs civ1+civ1
civ1+civ3 vs civ1+civ2
civ1+civ3 vs civ1+civ3
civ1+civ3 vs civ2+civ2
civ1+civ3 vs civ2+civ3
civ1+civ3 vs civ3+civ3
civ2+civ2 vs civ1+civ1
civ2+civ2 vs civ1+civ2
civ2+civ2 vs civ1+civ3
civ2+civ2 vs civ2+civ2
civ2+civ2 vs civ2+civ3
civ2+civ2 vs civ3+civ3
civ2+civ3 vs civ1+civ1
civ2+civ3 vs civ1+civ2
civ2+civ3 vs civ1+civ3
civ2+civ3 vs civ2+civ2
civ2+civ3 vs civ2+civ3
civ2+civ3 vs civ3+civ3
civ3+civ3 vs civ1+civ1
civ3+civ3 vs civ1+civ2
civ3+civ3 vs civ1+civ3
civ3+civ3 vs civ2+civ2
civ3+civ3 vs civ2+civ3
civ3+civ3 vs civ3+civ3

36 cases

And I haven’t even taken the different maps into account.
There are 9 maps in the team map pool.
This cluster grows exponentially with every single civ and every single map.
Now imagine what happens in 3v3.

Imagine 10 civs in 3v3 (!) on all ranked maps.

Now imagine adding just one civ to the existing 10, the whole system explodes already.
It is a catastrophe to add more and more civs in an already broken and unbalanced game.
We can talk about adding more civs when there has been major (!) work done on the current problems, which are still countless in number.

Aoe3 DE has now reached that state of being completely broken for team matches, in an non-fixable way.
Even in a hundred years, this can’t be worked out, as the manpower of this whole world wouldn’t be enough to feed the system with enough data and brainpower.

Do you really want the same thing to happen to aoe4?
We are on the way into that direction already.

Aoe4 can soon only be enjoyed for casual matches, but for ranked only 1v1, if even (!).

To the fun part:
For many players including me, an RTS game is fun playing once you get a basic understand of what you are doing and things start working out for you.
Wether it means losing or winning a match, doesn’t even matter so much.
It’s really fun when game become exciting, because there is a competition and your enemy is tough to beat, as well as things working out for you because you KNOW what you are doing and not just randomly do something right and wonder what happened.
Also, improving and becoming better, starting to understand the game more and more feels amazing.

Everytime new content is added, it feels like a hit in the face.
You can throw away a big part of your learning process because the cards are mixed new.
This made aoe3DE unplayable for me, because I don’t have the time and I don’t WANT to invest the time in playing many matches every (!) day of the week and researching about new content all the freaking time nonstop and finding out about more and more lame and cheese strats due to the neverending content creating and infinite combination of civs on a huge map pool.

It seems a lot of people are not aware of this or unable to understand the logics/maths behind it and other’s just don’t give a damn.
Though, when they game is finally broken, a large part of these people does realize it’s the end of the game.
Playernumbers drop to almost 0, like it now happened to aoe3DE.
Only casuals and some 1v1 ranked players are left.
The casuals also lose interest at some point, when no more big amounts of fresh content are brought in.

The focus should IMO be on bringing some (!) good (!!!) quality content in, once in a while.
Like they did in aoe3DE, for example the african civs.
Look at the visual design, wow, that is really great stuff, unlike aoe4 content!
But, there is just waaaaaay too much content in a super short time being brought in.
And after ~10-15 civs they should have just completely stopped bringing in more.

You guys will remember my words, when aoe4’s team balance is completely broken and unplayable.

Already cavalry is a huge problem for team matches, besides the mass of asymmetrical civs.

It is not necessary that you play every day…you choose a civ and you try it from time to time on different days and with different strategies until you consider that you handle it more or less…it is not necessary to do everything competitive just because… It’s a video game, the idea is for you to have fun and not be martyred because your enemy is 1 second ahead of you…

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10 asymmetrical civs you said, hmm… ( scratching my head, thinking about the 10 unique different playstyles civs provide)


Well it depends on how excited/motivated you are on improving and getting/keeping a good game understanding and strats up.
Handling more or LESS… I guess that happens after you read the unit/tech/landmark/building descriptions of a civ and play it 1 or 2 matches.
Mostly less :grin:

To get multiple flexible EFFICIENT buildorders down which you easily execute without having to think much about the micro steps and managing the military actively at the same time against a strong oponent who also harasses you, that takes quite some time and practice.
Especially in team matches, where so much more happens at the same time and there are wild combinations of civs and units going on.

That at least for me, is the idea of having fun.
Vs players I don’t have fun before I have an idea of what is going on and what I’m doing.
When I lose, I always watch the replay and wanna know and understand why and how I lost.
What did the enemy do right to defeat me, what did I do wrong and how can I change my shortcoming or how can I learn from what the enemy did.
THAT is fun to me.
Sometimes, a small detail in a BO or a small decision or micro trick can make the difference for a significant jump in rank, to get placed against way better enemies again.
I can also have fun by playing customs to test units or read the descriptions of new content and try it out.
That’s my understanding of casual fun.

Scrathing your head, because when thinking about it, there are infinite micro-options in the macro already?
And choiches which units to make, when and how many and which landmarks to go for, how to take the map and what works with what civ against what civ, combined with which allies and realizing there are infinite things to learn?

in theory, yes, they have different buildings that gives flat numbers to different units that doesn’t make anything unique tho

you have spearmen for every civ, horse for every civ, archer for every civ and knight
some of them give some numbers to one of them, the other give numbers to the others


it’s like telling chess have asymmetric sides because one is white and have first move advantage and the
other is black and are usually the defensive one

What is your rank in 1v1/team if I may ask?
Maybe you are one of these natural dia/conq highranks that find the game intuitive and don’t have to actually practice so much and just play a match in a while :wink:

I’m a casual player and more civs means more content to enjoy, I don’t play ranked, mostly single player or multiplayer with personal friends.

If there won’t be any new content then eventually I will get bored with the game and move on.

I enjoy the experience of witnessing how a game is progressing and expanding, a part of gaming is being with the community and feeling excited for fresh updates, this is why I’m very satisfied with AOE4 because in a sense I feel that I grow with it.

Yes, I would recommend that you first play customs with all the civs in standard games and then choose one to rank…for now I’ve only played with 4 main civs and I haven’t even dared to ranked yet and I have more than 1100 hours of play…