Age of Empires 4 gameplay trailer is confirmed for X019

Here the news (only in German)


Age of Empires 4: now we know when there’s finally gameplay

We talked on the gamescom live in the stream with the Xbox manager Aaron Greenberg. This confirmed our first AoE-4 gameplay to the XO in London.

We stream under the motto #gctogether every day live from our booth at the gamescom and it received lots of exciting guests. One of them was the Xbox manager Aaron Greenberg and he had some interesting info in the luggage.

In the interview, Greenberg confirmed a concrete date when we get to face first gameplay of Age of Empires 4 us finally. Passionate design strategists should mark the 14th November in the calendar.

What happens on November 14? On this day, a further important Microsoft event takes place after gamescom. Then the large fan event XO19 begins in London namely. For three days to find a Xbox fans in the copper box arena, hand lay on some of the latest games from the home of Microsoft, and talk to the developers. So but still not enough: The definitive edition of Age of Empires 2appears on the same day .

Age of Empires 4 will appear exclusively on the Microsoft store - or even on steam?

What is the XO19?

There is the XO19, one of the most important events ever for Microsoft. This is reflected at the opening. Initiated all this is because of the Largest inside Xbox show of the year . The show will be even more extensive than the eponymous show shortly before the gamescom Opening Night last Monday.

In the course of inside Xbox, Microsoft will share also first gameplay to Age of Empires 4 with the public. To do this, there will be again a stream, you can follow from home. We’ll keep you of course also on the ongoing here on

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At least! After that false hype with the Gamescom, a gameplay confirmed for this November is a blessing. Yes!

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Apparently, he only said: “can’t confirm or deny anything” and winked.


I will be there in person for XO19. Hope it’s gonna be something to remember. :slight_smile:

BUT, although they have just mentioned it officially on the AoE facebook page and made an article too quoting that same german article, Greenberg didn’t mention “gameplay” in that video, he just said to keep an eye on London XO19 on 14th november and winked when asked about AoE4. So we still don’t know for sure.

I personally hope for at least a reveal of the time setting, even if I kinda know what to expect when it comes to that.


I want to sleep for 3 months


Another confirmation


I hope its true!!!

I look forward to your bitter disappointment at this not happening. :wink:

And why would it be 100% sure that this is not the case? :roll_eyes:

They did not say yes but no no … In any case maybe one thing besides the release of 2 DE, I think.

I hope it happens. I need to see what age in time they are going to cover

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I think it will be WW 1, 2 and a little more maybe. Already because it’s the logical next step (and I do not see why they would not follow what they’ve always done) and Relic has experience in games of that time thanks to Compagny of Heroes (so they chose this studios for their experience in this era and in RTS games in general). But its just my opinion, many people think of other things.


Can’t wait for the gameplay trailer, even if it is just cinematics it will tell us which age it will be in and the setting. I do think however that it will create a backlash, because they won’t be able toe please every age fan i guess. Everybody expects something else from it.

And by the way it wouldn’t be the first dissapointing xbox insiders this year if they show us nothing…

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I think the best thing we as a community can do is keep an open mind and be willing to offer honest and respectful feedback. Keep in mind that Relic Entertainment has not developed any previous Age game so they are learning as they go from the community about what needs to be in place to make the next game in the series feel right. @AndyPXIII has said before that Age of Empires belongs to the community, now more than ever. Whatever time period is selected for Age of Empires IV, we should all do our part to make sure the game is as successful as it can be so the next generation of Age fans emerges and keeps the franchise alive for many more years to come.