Age of empires 4 Improving performance!

care do not mess up and make a backup!
open sysconfig.lua with a text editor,i use notepadd ++
there are more settings but this should do,it fixed the water maps unplayeable for me,i have a gt 730 2gb video card,i think others would run better,also disables the dust of units walking

– Model quality (0…4)
setting = “ModelDetail”, variantUInt = 1,

setting = “animationquality”, variantUInt = 0

(1 = low (only distance volumetric fog, no pointlight shadows )
setting = “VolumetricLighting”, variantUInt = 1,

– Enable shadows (4=pcss ( 24 point shadows), 3=high (16 point shadows), 2=medium (8 point shadows),
– 1=low (4 point shadows), 0=off)
setting = “Shadows”, variantUInt = 0,

after edit i set the file as read only just in case


Hey! Great stuff my friend :slight_smile: Do you know how we could remove the Zoom out Fog/Mist ? Maybe its available from Lua file.