Age of empires 4 isnt starting (steam) (SOLVED)

Age Of Empires 4 isnt starting since yesterday.
I could play the game without any problems from the 28.10 to the 30.10.
But now if I start the game in steam it isnt working anymore.

I already tryed:
updating graphicdriver,
repearing the game,
restarting PC,
reinstalling the game,
a clean PC boot,
updating my Windows,
fresh reinstall,
open with administrator

My PC:
Intel i7 2600k
Nvidia 1070 (8gb)
12GB Ram
Samsung 860 evo 1TB

thanks in advance :smiley:

I formatted my hard disk and installed Windows again, now it works :smiley:

Have you done a total fresh reinstall? Not only do you have to uninstall the game, but your computer also saves files such as the cache in your documents folder which could become corrupted (had this happen to me when playing spore) which will need to be manually deleted before reinstalling.

I deleted all files in here
C:\Users\koest\OneDrive\Dokumente\My Games

if there is another path please show me :smiley:
and thanks for the fast reply

You could also try to run as administrator, and make sure you are not running any third party programs which could conflict such as chroma keyboard colors, and discord audio overlay.

I tryed to start it as administrator and it didnt worked

Realtek audio also caused problems for games I owned in the past. Unsure if you have that on your pc.

I looked up in my apps and i didnt found Realtek audio.
but I have the ICUE Software from Corsair.

I would disable that temporarily and see if it does anything. For some reason color controls can cause a conflict in games due to the color changing integration that other games offer. I found this out when my overwatch refused to open randomly one day.

Ill try it just give me some minutes
my reinstallation takes about 15 min :confused:

Ok, now I tryed to start the game without the ICUE and my mouse driver and the problem is still there :confused:

Only thing I can think of now is a memory problem… I am all out of ideas. Hopefully you can get this addressed, perhaps open a ticket and speak with a real person. I know they will try to throw you on the forums, but if you keep digging and keep being vague, you will eventually get a real person.

Ok thanks for all your ideas and your time

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