Age of empires 4 levels icons around ingame profile

Can we get some different stars icons around profile pic when you level up I’m level 110 and I’ve got same looking pic in games as I was when I was level 40 got 4 stars around my name can we get some new looking ones or just add more stars for the flex please :grinning:


Lvl 120 is just 5 spikes on top instead of 3 with lvl 60…
I bet lvl 180 is just 7 spikes around your profile …

It is just so uninspired and lazy at this point, I can’t wrap my head around it.
They got financial support by freaking microsoft and even me, someone that is not visually creative at all, could come up with a levelborder concept that’s way better in an hour.

But this “laziness” is kind of a reoccuring pattern in Age4, as sad as it is to say.
Lack of game content such as gamemodes, ranked and mods, or basic fundamental things like not animated animals in TC/stables, hotkeys not reassignable or in this instance the extremely bad profile border progression…
These things just feel unfinished and lazy which is absolutely inexcusable with such a big franchise name and microsoft behind… I’m sorry for not beeing sorry to say that.

Just got to 120 and yes only 5 spikes kinda was hoping a star per 10 levels

The same thing here! :expressionless:
4 stars for level 100, (looks exactly thr same as level 50) that’s a little bit frustrating!

Yes… I honestly was expecting that once you level up at least the little stars ( or whatever you wanna call it) would look differently.

I hope they will change it… while it is not important to the game it just feels underwhelming.

The color of the bar below should also be different. Like evolving form wood to bronze, silver, gold and so on.

They could do so much better thats for sure. Including with the other customizable parts of our profiles.

Of course we also have to consider, that AoE levels have potentially infinite scaling… If you look at so many years AoE2 :P. So making the first levels super cool and then run out of potential for cooler things would also be bad.