Age of Empires 4 Mongols Campain BUG

I was playing the Genghis Khan campaign and when I started the “Fortress” mission I realized that the opening cinematic was not correct, because the cinematic of the “kyiv” mission was played instead of the current mission. It would be nice if the devs fixed that in the next patch.

The campaign is really great but it is important that this bug is fixed, since it can affect the immersion of the campaign and even many people can overlook it and could miss the correct cinematics, which are incredible.

Thank you for reporting @TheOsoGrizzly! Are you on MS Store or Steam? What language are you playing in?

Hi and thanks for replying. I currently play on the Steam platform and the language I use or master is Latin American Spanish.

I have more evidences here…

Even if I pass the mission, the cinematic that is shown is not correct in the Latin American Spanish version, the cinematic of the kyiv mission continues to be shown.

Thank you for reporting this @TheOsoGrizzly! The team will check this out and see if we can figure out why you’re seeing cinematics out of order.