Age of Empires 4 Rus not historically accurate

Now that there is finally a more detailed description about the Rus, I am even more convinced that the name is definitely not accurate.

Basically, “Rus” as a “country” was never called just “Rus” but “Kievan Rus”.
First I thought that maybe in Age of Empires they concentrate on the “Rus” as Russia. However now that the description mentions the Golden Gate, it doesn’t fit at all as the Golden Gate is in Kiev.

For me as a representative of the Ukrainian society it is a little bit disappointing. This way, the origin of the Rus or to be precise the Kievan Rus is distorted.


Well and Abbasid Caliphate was never called Abbasid Dynasty so what’s your point?


Well, I can say that it should be called the Novgorod Republic, because there were special boats.
This faction combines the characteristics of the Slavic nation.

As a representative of the Ukrainian diaspora, are you not embarrassed by the fact that in Stalker 2 Chernobyl is written in Russian?

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That they should use correct names (like for example with the Holy Roman Empire).
They aimed to make their game with historical accuracy even implementing these clips about trebuchets and so on.
I only noticed it with the Rus and I’m not really sure about the Abbasid Dynasty. But after a quick research (not only using Wikipedia) I found out that it can actually be called Abbasid Dynasty officially.
Regarding at the Rus there is no real “The Rus” but only “The Kievan Rus”.


Novgorod? Vladimir-Suzdal principality? Ryazan? Rostov? Moscow? They are not here?


How can they be called Abbasid Dynasty? They were Abbasid Caliphate ruled by Abbasid Dynasty. Country was not called Dynasty. Using just Rus is actually more accurate its just shortened name like if you used Abbasids instead of full name.

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Of course, I can be very wrong, and I would not want to accuse or offend anyone, but I must express my concerns.
The fact is that modern Ukraine is experiencing an upsurge in nationalist sentiments, this comes to terrible pogroms and insults towards Russians and Russia, rewriting common history and telling facts.
I really want to be wrong, but I’m afraid that this person may adhere to nationalistic Ukrainian views, I was prompted by his words - “There is only Kievan Rus”, that is, according to him, another Rus was not.


Oh yeah I might have mixed up something. Then you are right and it would make more sense to call the nation not The Abbasid Dynasty as like you said these are just the “former ruler”, but rather Abbasid Caliphate (if this describes the nation correctly).

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I think Rus civ is a civilization that combines the features of all Eastern Slavs - that is, Rus’.

We have here the features of Kievan Rus, the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the Novgorod Republic. The name Rus, I think, best describes the character of this civ.


I think both of you are making the exact same point. We are friends here.

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The historical civ’s name literally was the Abbasid Caliphate. It’s bizarre that AoE4 unilaterally decided to rename the civ to something else. This is even more sad because the civ is Arabic and spoke Arabic and the word “caliphate” is Arabic in origin. “Dynasty” is a Greek word that found its way into Latin and ultimately into English.

In a game that strives to be historically accurate and immersive, these details are super important. The Abbasid Dynasty is anglicized and watered down. Caliphate works far better and signals immediately to players that the civ is from a slightly different realm.

Meanwhile, AoE4 already uses the word Dynasty in a totally different context with the Chinese. So they do not need to be finding new and different places to use the word. That waters things down even more. Hurrumph.


Nobody cares. It’s a game, not a history textbook.


I care. Is this game based on a historical background? If so, it would be logical to follow historical facts rather than create one’s own history, as has now become fashionable in some states.


From the start it was obvious that Rus will be combination of Kiev, Novogrod and Moscow.


Historical accuracy?.. Oh em gee… you’re literally playing a game where the Aztecs are fighting against the Ottoman Turks, and you can load 20 elephants into a small transport ship! Age of Empires has never been about historical accuracy, like since ever.

As someone who has several friends who are from Russia, I’m finally glad that Russians are being represented in the game.


Stop confusing Rus to Russia (Rossiya).

Ethnic Ukrainians have historically been known as Ruthenians until the early 20th century, referring to the medieval land of Ruthenia, which was the Latin term for Kyivan Rus.

Rus is a historical, accurate medieval name for today’s Ukrainians, Russiand and Belarusians.


Caliphate now has negative connotations. That’s obviously why they did it.

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I fear that is saying the quiet part out loud. I hope that isn’t the reason, because that would be sad.

How about the Abbasid Emirate?