Age of Empires 4 Xbox compatibility

I think Xbox series X needs to also be able to play age of empires 4 with key board and mouse attachments? What you you all think?

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Xbox was a mistake.
But if it has Xbox support I guess it would be nice for the players to be able to use m+kb

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Microsoft said AoE4 will launch only on PC, not Xbox.

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Someday, maybe, for people who get a mouse/keyboard attachment for Xbox. But no attention should be given to that plight now. I’ve seen too many games I love negatively impacted by the need to release it on Xbox/console(s) and PC at the same time.

Okay, there have been two main games for me, but they were biggies; and AoE would be another biggie. If AoE4 is being developed for Xbox at the same time and the PC version suffered as a result, my top 2 or 3 video game franchises of all time would have been negatively impacted by console co-releases; where the devs needed to make the game for a simultaneous PC and Xbox/console launch.

Aside from those two past games that suffered graphically and control-wise due to Xbox/consoles, I see many games, in general, where it’s obvious the controls and game mechanics were made for consoles and PCs were an afterthought. Just wouldn’t want to see that for AoE4. Is nice IamDalv reassures with those words.

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PS: Not sure how it always is that my favorite PC games decide to only release a new game when a new console is launching (like every 2nd or 3rd console generation) and the devs get drawn into it.

One of these years, I hope to get a new Thief game, for example, mid- or late-console lifespan (for a mature console) so the devs aren’t trying to just do a bunch of kewl things to make it look like a shiny new object on a brand new console with little depth or replay value; with poor gameplay mechanics and several control issues :wink:

  • I kind’ve wish Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed games only came out once every decade or two. I don’t really care or particularly like those franchises, but I know many do. If those franchises only saw one new game every decade or two, and they were let-downs, you might understand how precious a new AoE title is for me :slight_smile: You finally get one rare opportunity to have a diamond made, and then it gets spoiled with a lot of flaws because of catering to and developing for consoles.

I would agree to an extent I just don’t have the money to get a computer and a good monitor that can run aoe4. I have a TV already and a console is far less expensive since I already have a 4k tv. Just wish you could use mouse and keyboard and cross play. That would open up to have many more players and games to be played.


And the great thing about games of today, Merle0004, is that because consoles are quite powerful these days, the games on them can be quite cool, and their resolution/graphics aren’t an issue like they were in the past. So, devs can make very intricate, detailed, minimalistic HUDs on them if they want, etc. I’ve seen a lot of console games that have done that over the years – mainly about 2008 and forward – which definitely helped bridge the gap between PC and console gameplay.

I don’t worry that much about the technical prowess of consoles nowadays; they’re more than capable. I’m more worried about the over-simplification of gameplay and the bad control mechanics that frequently get injected into PC games as a result of dev focus on consoles. Fallout 4 (controls) and Thief 2014 (controls and gameplay) are prime examples, in my opinion.

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