Age of Empires AI

Today on E3 Microsoft announced that an AI is being developed for improved game AI.

This is the hope for a new kind of AI in age of empires, making the game real challenging vs AI without extra resources but strategy depth?

What you guys thoughts?

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I noticed that as well and thought about AoE4 too. There was a german interview with Shannon Loftis, probably the most important AoE4 interview, where among other important clarifications she also mentioned a complex AI.
This is the interview

Makes you wonder why the Germans keep hiding important stuff away from us, I mean last time they did that we had a World War at our footsteps, just saying. :stuck_out_tongue:

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In my opinion AoE4 will be the best game to showcase this AI. Specially because on how many different strategies it is possible in a RTS, where units have strengths and weakness.

I think will be a kind of AI based on machine learning, where during alpha and beta tests will play against players in order to learn how to win. In the beginning will be boring and not challenging at all. But with the time the AI will evolve becoming harder and harder.

But the AI cant evolve itself, will need good players playing the alpha and beta in order to improve it.

The diffucults of AI will be based on whatever metric they used to evaluate the AI evolution.

When AOE4 be released probably will have a difficult called insane where the perfect micromanegment will be unstopable where you will need at least 2 players to take down the AI.

Balance patches will probably make the AI test new things like it does with players.

Lets see what the future will bring

I reallt hope this games AI is like the one in Ashes of Singularity. I am telling you, AI in that game are not designed to cheat. They give you brutal fight in higher difficulties.

I hope they also allow the possibility of adding AIs of different difficulties in the game. I know a lot of people desire that.

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Amen. Yes I would like skirmish with better AIs this time.

Money and business success is main goal of Microsoft… regardless of this fact , lets assume what else can be the goal of Microsoft to use this franchise again

  1. Strong storyline / campaign / Skirmish fun
    No doubt many people eager to play solo and relax and enjoy destroying AI on Skirmish mode, and also many people enjoy playing campaign mode and following story line. and if Microsoft is willing to focus on this market they have to improve AI and even provide tool for people tor create AIs similar to what we saw in early life of SC2 ( for example “Grean Tea” AI)… if the AI is easy to play or easy to predict and just follow simple and predictable line of code then after 2 weeks or maybe 1 months single players feels game is boring and leave it

So if this is the case then we should expect a good AI :slight_smile:

  1. Multi player / Esport
    if the focus of Microsoft is to enter to ESPORT industry which is an interesting idea , then it is better instead of developing an advanced AI they focus on game play and competitive features of game and also invest heavily on marketing / official tournaments and even establish an organization for ESPORT events (similar to RIOT or Valve)
    AOE was an ESPORT title from 2000-2003 if im not wrong and it was part of WCG but now its dead… from ESPORT point of view
    Currently the crown for RTS in ESPORT is on Blizzard with WC3/SC1/SC2 …

And good news is in future we are going to see ESPORT in Asian games (currently confirmed) and also it is possible to have ESPORT games in Summer Olympics as well!! so it is a huge MARKET and HUGE possibility for those who are prepared… Riot games / Valve corporation / Blizzard and … are already ahead of all other companies for ESPORT events and if Microsoft wants to compete with them :slight_smile: they really need make something big

So if the focus and road map of Microsoft is this one then we should not expect very advanced AI system :slight_smile:

Unless Microsoft decide to focus both case simultaneously, for example for LOL/DOTA2/Overwatch and etc… there is no storyline or campaign and main focus is only competitive play (although they created few contents to show out of game storyline exist but inside of game there is nothing and only competitive play ) , SC2 on other hand is very balanced very cool storyline + very strong ESPORT title :slight_smile:

  1. Just another game!
    Or maybe they just want to use AOE name to create another normal game, easy task for them good amount of profit and after 6 months total number of players declined and dead … but it is still supper profitable and they dont need to bother them self for balancing / marketing for ESPORT events and etc

if this is the case then , they will provide very simple average AI :slight_smile:

In summary it is totally depends on what Microsoft is looking for in addition to business success :slight_smile: