Age of Empires: Brick Edition - Boardgame concept

As I am so excited about AOE4, I just submited a boardgame concept to LEGO, with the hope that they will concider making it into a real set. I’m hopping this will also boost peoples’ interest in the upcoming game!

For Lego to review it, first it will need 10k people showing their interest by clicking the “support” button. If you are interested in this game, and happy to help out, could you show your support?

Also, I would love to hear people’s thoughts on the current plan. I will love to hear your thoughts on how I can inprove it! Feel fee to reach me here, or on the Lego Ideas site.

Here’s more info about the concept, where you can also support.

Thanks in advance!

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A quick update. In less than a week, I have reached more than 200 supporters. With this pace, hitting 10k within the timeframe given could be possible!

I have made full rules for anyone interested. This is the first take, so it will be upgraded as time goes. Will love to hear feedback from those who love AOE!