Age of empires conquest aka cave soundtrack edit

Hey agian

I’m here agian with a version of mine of aoe Conquest aka cave. This took me some time to do but it’s still not compleetly done. But i decided to give this version alrdy so you can figure it out how will sound in the end.

So far the flute got fixed in notes but still some errors. But i guess i’ll take a different flute synthesizer and make it as clean as possible that sounds with it

Greetings elrawen

Enjoy this fan version of mine

The song sounds so simple, yet it is surprisingly complicated when you go and try to remix it :wink: The flute almost needs a real person to play it. I’d suggest to try and add the breath sounds independently of the flute note, otherwise it will never sound quite right (unless your flute in the DAW has a parameter to change the amount of breath).

The long-decay snare drum needs some more bottom end/impact - I tried remixing a game song before, and had the same problem with the drum not having enough lower frequencies :slight_smile:

I like the strings part though. Which program/instrument did you use?

Fantastic rehash mate, love it.

Cave is the best tune in the original game hands down for me…

I still can’t find it on the new track-list - This is my biggest disappointment of the game so far… It may sound minor to you but I can assure you this is a major issue!

Make Cave Great Again!

i use cubase and fl studio

then some plugins i had free and purchased. But yeah your right it’s complicated to do. as for the flute i used the midi flut which doesn’t sound good but i tried some synth flutes but it didn’t worked out good i’m alrdy 5 days on this. which is quite long for a song even though i know alrdy how it sounds.

as for plugins it’s syntrus/harmor/harmless ehm what else refx nexus and sylenth i think
i’m sending this on a different device so i hope i’m correct :slight_smile:

But like you said about daw i might give that a try hope i get the right one.

oh yeah i see thanks of advance will adjust that :slight_smile: