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How do you beat this scenario? I watched the solution for the AoE, but that does not work. As soon as I convert a yellow worker, the rest mob and kill my priest. That leaves me with one worker and does not give me enough time to get an economy and military up and running before yellow and then red start attackiing.

That is one of the best scenarios of all campaigns. It’s difficult but not impossible.
It is advisable to go first for Yellow as they are less aggressive, convert their villagers and get rid of them as soon as possible while defending the river with towers and boats. The Red do not build a dock, and we can take advantage of this, capturing the gold mines of the south.


Thanks for the comment, but I already said that as soon as I convert a yellow worker, all the remaining workers rush to attack the priest. I go to the yellow side right away, not the red.

No other suggestions or comments?

@AmberLlama43721 If you search YouTube for some walk-through tutorials it may be helpful.

Not gonna lie, I had a lot of trouble on this level. I ended up converting a villager and then just running away leaving the priest behind. Probably not the best strategy, but you can build a town center and get going with just 1 villager :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve checked the walk-throughs and tried with just the villager, but without converting more of the yellow villagers, you can’t catch up before red comes storming in. I don’t understand why they made the yellow villagers so aggressive. They follow the priest until they kill him.

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I tried this on hardest(28529) and I managed to convert villagers from yellow just fine without aggroing them all.

Are you perhaps too close to them? I was converting from the max range of my priest without being in vision for any other yellow villagers or buildings while doing so. Didn’t pull aggro to my priest even after six converts.

If you still can’t convert in peace, try a different difficulty setting, maybe the the specific difficulty you play at is somehow bugged.

PS. Using buildings as walls is pretty great, so just house/TC/granary/pit/racks walls your base and you can convert from the safety of your home when red comes barreling in.

In my opinion this mission is too unbalanced.
The AI attacks you way too early, the red team already has Chariots when you are still researching the wheel, even on the easiest difficulty.
As you said, it’s almost impossible to convert more than 1 or 2 villagers, because the yellow team attacks your priest with all villagers and you can’t escape.
I have about 10 hours in this mission and I still didn’t figure out how to beat it.
I’m playing AoE for the first time, but I already have experience with other RTS games, and I finished the first 2 campaigns on Normal difficulty without big trouble, but the difficulty spike here is insane!

Well. One tip from me.

Spoiler alert

You also could use some stone to wall off the red player in order to make it a little bit easier for yourself.

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I’ve failed x1,000,000 and restart heading for the same tree corner and target the same yellow Akkadian hunter as soon as he becomes visible.
Sometimes he converts quickly while other times he walks straight up and smashes the priest’s face in.
And it’s almost like the Red Sumerians have unlimited resources. And once they roll up with chariot archers the priest has no chance converting them all.
I Guess you’re meant to take out the yellow team asap but then it’s player vs red team in a slow battle for every last tree and when you think the Sumerians have nothing left, they bust out another temple and a fresh batch of towers.

Funnily enough hardest is the only difficulty this mission is working as intended on. On everything lower, the AI panics the second you start converting and sends their entire population at your priest. Hardest is the only one where they carry on and let you convert as designed for the level.

Seriously? That will be hard.

So I tried it on hard this time and it’s still a very nice mission to play.

It’s not too hard imho, so I wouldn’t recommend to make it easier. It took me one and half hour.

According to my memory this one was even harder at first release as it took me two and half hour and I needed to use the save game option.

I did it quickly when I tried to convert yellow guys (I tried in the hard way, trying to convert red guys but is impossible, the red is cheater because they can see you even if your priest is out of sight).
I just converted the yellow guys and then building my civ in that area, creating and converting villagers. Then, you should create docks and you can block EASILY the pass from the red guys with scout ships and war galleys. Also you can always use watch towers to defend the river pass. Just advance to bronze age and use chariots. So easy.
Of course, sometimes the yellow CPU is agressive but is all random. If they are following you just stop converting and go back or restart the mission.
I passed all the campaigns scenarios in the hard way (destroying all the enemies, even if the objectives are others) in hardest.
First Punic War is a good challenge in hardest. But most of the scenarios are dissapointing because the CPU sometimes freezes and stop attacking or producing until you “reactive” them by making an attack.

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No you can’t. You cant win with one villager

You don’t have to rage in every channel. Yes it is possible, one vill = building TC and buildings

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please be respectful.

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obviously you have not played it in a while. do i need to make a video recording proving it? also i have no idea why everyone is saying to go to the yellow guys first, red is easier. so you get attacked violently now when a monk try’s to convert, you only get one guy. That one guy can not produce or build fast enough before red comes and attacks. So i do the same with yellow, same results, large group of yellow guys come and kill everyone. One monk can not convert two villagers, just one and it is impossible to do with one guy.

I played it less than 7 days ago

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