Age Of Empires DE Features

What do you think will or should be included in the next update?

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I have some things that I noticed since the beta :

-Enable Classic Mode in multiplayer games as in beta.
-Correct some graphical glitches still existing in Classic mode. (water shores, missing shadows…)
-Enable player color choosing in multiplayer games as in Age1.
-Egyptian Tool Age house shouldn’t be Bronze Age’s one.
-Put some graphical impact of catapult’s bullet, at least the one from beta, not nothing.

I’ve still my big ‘must fix list’ from the beta but as I didn’t test all of these recently, I can’t tell what’s been solved and what’s not, and some may be deprecated too.


Mine is more of a wish-list, as it goes into features from AOE 2. Mostly, I just hope to see:

  1. Unit behavior/ stance controls that function as they do in other RTS’s (including AOE 2), instead of this “activate hold ground” thing we have now. Specifically, I hope to see Aggressive, Defensive, Stand Ground, No Attack" brought back.

  2. I know this will not happen for game design reasons, but a part of me still really hopes that one day, we will see formations brought in. Formations were a huge part of ancient warfare, and it was always just really useful.

Those are the things I hope for personally. Don’t get all over my hide about how these will be the doom of the pro scene, or how it’ll make the game easy (?), or that it’s the one worst thing in the universe because XYZ, I’m allowed to hope for things I like…

There’s clues that ELO ranking is returning and new achievements which were public Thursday but have since been pulled.