Age of Empires DE Historical Issues

I don’t want to frustrate your idea any more than necessary, but since I’ve already been through these discussions…

Many civilizations shouldn’t have catapults. Since there were no such devices in their time.

Replace the elephant with the battering ram in others.
Replace bowman by skirmisher especially Romans.

Upgrade the axeman in several Middle Eastern civs.

Helepolis is not an oxybele as the Ballistae is not a Scorpio or Chieroballista.

The Romans did not use chariots for warfare.
There should be a spearman class.

The Centurion is not a unit of the Phalange or Hoplite, switch to hypaspist.

Add skirmisher cavalry and add it to civs like Carthage.

Add siege towers.

Remove ballista tower from almost all civs.

Fireship same other inconsistencies. That unit does not belong to this period.

Better to add on land fireriser.

Add lancer cavalry, for the Macedonians and Palmyrene.
Add spearman cavalry to all.

Add piqueros (pezhetaroi).

Remove camels from Carthage.

Yeah, but almost all these changes are late iron age. They will, however, help make the late game a bit more unique.

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Im not good at Bronze in History.
But this changes It’s not going to happen.

Ancient era is more complex than medieval…
And add this things the Neolithic era.

Yeah. It would be nice if someone from the team could add something on here to give us an idea of where they want to take the game. If you suspend historical accuracy for a bit, it’s still an awesome game and units are quite balanced (as far as i’ve played, though i must add that i don’t play online.).

I consider the classical period in Greek history to be from the end of the 6th century BCE until the death of Alexander. This is not written in stone, of course.

Another set of historical issues in the game is that they didn’t change the AI names from the original as far as I can see (which included names of doctors and philosophers and nonexistent entities).

I previously provided a list of several names that could be good replacements, including a list of 8 Minoan leaders, here: AI Player lists (Historical Leaders)

Microsoft, please take note and get this fixed!

Nice addition.

Do Microsoft Devs look on this forum for ideas? I havn’t seen them really take part in discussions like these.

Also. Any word on steam workshop?

No idea if they are actively looking these days, but they should! The Steam sale on Age I Definitive should have brought a number of fans to the fold (I recently bought it in the Steam sale myself).

Not sure what they will do with Steam workshop, if anything. Microsoft has a tendency to just abandon game support after a while and I think with Age 2 DE they are temporarily (or permanently, who knows) abandoning us Age 1 fans.


It’s just Photoshop on a screen. It is an idea of how it could be.

Very interesting your ideas. But we know that it will not happen.
Something they could do is, remove the camel for the Minoans. It has nothing to do with them nor do they need them, since they have the cavalry.

If they ever add a DLC, we will see new units or changes, for now we will keep what there is.

I hope they can some more attention. That at least finish everything incomplete game, textures, models, effects, functions are missing and still has errors.

It is my favorite of the saga, for the historical period and for being the first one I played.
I bought it twice: First at the Microsoft store, and then on Steam to buy the AOE: DE + AOE 2: DE pack.

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Yeah the sale brought me in also. I totally agree. And yeah. I noticed that most posts are about AOEII

Thanks. And yeah. I know… Probably nothing of this will ever end up in Game. But i feel it needs to be said.

Yeah i remember the Classicists see it that way :yum:

But as with most things in Greek history, they tend to view the world as it affects Greece. The textbooks, for example, are written in a way that it seems like 600BC was the dawn of civilization, whereas it as only the dawn of Greek civilization, and only the Mycenaeans at that. The Minoans before them flourished in the Bronze Age before the invasion.

But it is, as you say, not written in stone. Historical periods are used differently by different schools of thought.

You can use the search and check some older post from 2018.

I agree, that is how I learned it in school. :slight_smile: The Mycenaeans and Minoans deserve as much attention as you indicated.

It’s a shame for sure. Anyone know if I can edit the AI names for random map modes at least? Or would editing that mess up the game and cause it to crash etc?

No, it’s a remastered version.
It’s the same engine. Reboot means restart the whole series with a different story and gameplay and engine.

Remake is making the game using a different engine with everything built from ground.


A few things to think about:

  1. This is a remake of an old game, so to some extent I’m glad they actually have things like hoplites and chariots not just swordsmen and archers or other generic units. Greeks use centurions :smiley:
  2. The bar for the remake graphics being accurate is not that high, especially when you see horse archers using longbows.
  3. Pop culture influences more than history. Hence greeks always have corinthian helmets, romans have leather wristbands, chariots look like sterotypical egyptians.

Despite that, it can still be a beautiful game. Even moreso when/if they allow modding

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I hate to be a grammar Nazi, but this is not a remake. It’s a remaster.

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Unfortunately, this analysis is 22 years too late. The game had to take some liberties when it was designed last century, and too much deviation would’ve erased the nostalgic factor too much. That’s why they gave the game QOL updates and improved graphics as the main update compared to the original.

That said, The new sprites look more historically accurate in general compared to the original. This is in contrast to AoE2 DE, in which Berserkers still have horned helmets and Throwing Axemen still throw huge double-bit axes with 2 hands.