Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Epic Bug List

Salutations, Age of Empires: DE community!

I’m creating this list to be the ultimate reference guide of all bugs and issues, present and future, that afflict Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. It is meant to help the developers and the community to more easily track the status with every one of the game’s issues, if it had been corrected already or if still there are work to be done on it.

The list is organized according to which aspect of the game is been affected by a bug, in thirteen distinct categories: Mechanical Issues, Graphical Issues, Sound Issues, AI Issues, Data Issues, Info and Statistics Issues, Interface Issues, Multiplayer and Connectivity Issues, Performance Issues, Launch Issues, Crash Issues, Achievement Issues and Localization Issues.

If you are reporting a bug on the “Report a Bug” forum category, please consider to add a link to your post on the comments section of this thread, right below the category, from the thirteen listed above, you believe the bug can be classified in.

In the case you have tested any of the bugs on this list and concluded that it had been fixed, please wright a warning comment, quoting the link of the respective bug.

Thanks for your collaboration!

Mechanical Issues

Graphical Issues

Sound Issues

AI Issues

Data Issues

Info and Statistics Issues

Interface Issues

Multiplayer and Connectivity Issues

Performance Issues

Launch Issues

Crash Issues

Achievement Issues

Localization Issues

AOE 1 DE - The Korean language is broken in the interface. - Age of Empires: DE / I - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum


Please friend, report this bug you described by creating a post under the “Report a bug” tag and post a link to it here! Thank you

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Mechanical Issues

How to disable move map on right mouse? - Age of Empires: DE / I - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum


Mechanical Issues

Always losing 1 bit of resource when adding to storages - Age of Empires: DE / I - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

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Achievement issues

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Mechanical Issues

Sending villagers to work on a farm at the same time may result in everyone not working at all - Age of Empires: DE / I - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum

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Bugs Fixed on Update 46777

Units randomly getting stuck permanently - Age of Empires: DE / I - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum

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I’ve noticed brand new bugs since update 46777. I plan on further expanding the details on every bug but, for now, I’ll be briefly listing them:

  • Villagers stay idle, even when having lots of resources to gather. I don’t know whether they cease working or something prevents them from doing so.
  • Elephants (except huntable ones) have weird animation issues, involving a low frame rate and… weird movements, similarly to what happens to Armored Elephants.
  • In Enemies of Rome 1, I couldn’t select an enemy tower; the game wouldn’t let me!
  • Shift+Left Click unselects all units instead of selecting unit groups by type! (spotted on Enemies of Rome 1)

I might have been wrong with this one, since I experienced fps drops in the particular scenario that involved those elephant units. The question is, could a bad performance running a game (match) force certain units to skip a few frames in order to achieve an increase in the overall frame rate? But again, why apply such optimization method to some instead of all units? Horses, and soldiers by foot were apparently unaffected by the drop in frames. An inconsistence in the optimisation technique, maybe?

This issue requires further investigation. If someone can provide more feedback on this, it’ll be much appreciated!

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The only issues with Elephant units I have identified, for now, are the same old ones we already know: that they do not face correctly the unit or building they are attacking, and the weird, inconsistent animation of the Armored Elephant.

It’s worth to note that they strictly corrected the bugs mentioned on the published update report, so all the other bugs are still present, including the most annoying ones related to path finding.

Look at this video, and pay attention to the units ignoring the most obvious and close targets to attack other ones more distant, while being damaged on the way. My pain seeing this is unbearable :fearful: :sweat_smile:

HOPLITE vs EVERY UNIT | Age of Empires: Definitive Edition - YouTube

I don’t know how to make possible to watch the video here in the post itself, by the way lol


I wouldn’t bet on that. There has been times in which other things were changed/improved and went unreported, but I would say they were mostly minor issues.

MikeEmpires doing videos on AGE1? Weird! BUT WELCOME!


Problem comes that they are targeting randomly or they want to hit someone who hit them first. AI usually tries to hit your lowest HP target who hits them, if its range then they want to hit them first, which of course makes killing AI army much more easier since they ignore all your melee units that keep hitting them.


Did elephant archers make a perfect loop with their attack animations or not? Cause I don’t remember seeing elephant tails moving strangely and with frame cuts before update 46777.

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I will observe this on my next play!

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That makes sense, but it is really dumb from the AI, as the unit will be attacked all their way to the targeted enemy.
In the video, only an Attack Move order were given to the units, never a specific target, and even when the enemies are melee units, you can observe that the hoplites avoid attack an unit in front of them trying to reach another one on the rear of the group, while being damaged in the process. If I can remember correctly, Age II do not have this problem.


The idle animations appeared clunky as well. Looking at their ears was painful due to frame loss.


This is not a “bug”, per se. I noticed not being able to select units is related to the no fog and reveal map cheat codes. Even then, it is weird to not be able to select a unit, if it’s clearly visible.

I never remember to make tests related to cheat codes, so it’s great of you for doing them!

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