๐Ÿ“œ Age of Empires: Definitive Edition โ€” Update 38862

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition - Update 38862

Todayโ€™s release comes with a huge list of changes for the classic RTS title: including a boatload of balance adjustments, improvements to many of your favorite civilizations, the return of several features from the classic Age of Empires experience, and several brand-new systems to continue the ongoing evolution of the game! Here are some of the highlights:

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how big is the boat the update is loaded on

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Farmers no longer work properly. They are not able to walk through or across farms. Pretty much kills the functionality of the game entirely.

I think you add more Bugs and GameBreak stuffโ€ฆWhat you Update? After and before the Update : I have Problemes erverytime to connect to the Multiplayer Icon(Pls dont hide the LAN option behind a Online Option). Wehn I play with Friends in Multiplayer Lobby often the Game just Freeze after a while and nothing happen(Need to restart with Map saving).Often I cant accept invites on the Xbox Overlay cause the Accept button doesnt work(If i search in Lobby Browser it works).Wehn you build a Gate across , worker WONT BUILD sometimes. If you reinstall your Computer you need to go in the MicrosoftStore and go config and than Activat registration for shopping to play Online(Before i dont was avaible to go Online) PLS FIX IT! I am not happy about that update.

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you need to turn off legacy farms inside the game settings. Then it will be like the old walkable farms.


Thanks! I didnโ€™t know that was there. The new update must have checked it.

Can someone explain to me why the framrates are so low on this game even after this updateโ€ฆ


Since the server maintenance yesterday and the update, the multiplayer servers dont work. Even from the main menu it cant connect to multiplayer servicesโ€ฆ Please can you respond and look into this


Currently canโ€™t connect either, โ€œSorry failed to connect to multiplayer services, Please try again later.โ€


tampoco puedo conectarme al modo multijugador

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This is unacceptable. Always have issues with multiplayer services. Whenever I queue with a friend, he gets disconnected after 5 minutes into the game. Today, not even able to connect to multiplayer services


Server Back Online for me!

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I just bought AOE I and II DE on 9th June on Steam. While AOM has no issues AOE I and II cannot connect to multiplayer and LAN

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Age Of Empires Definitive Edition: I noticed after the installation of the update that the response times between players differs in the timing of synchronization. To consolidate this defect and make it tangible, I ran several tests. Basically I used 3 computers, connected to the internet with different providers. On a computer with VMWARE installed I run the game virtually, creating 2 virtual machines, connected on the same fiber line. The other 2 PCs connected on two different mobile networks.
You will wonder what all this is for. By playing a multiplayer game with a similar configuration, the difference in the game response times is tangible. They do not take place in real time and it can even take a few seconds before the frame is updated, advanced in advance on the connection that responds best to response times. A practical example occurs when an opposing unit is killed in the game configuration in which it is run with the best response times. On the computer that uses a mobile connection, the user will see the unit fall, 2 to 6 seconds, late. It could be a problem with my countryโ€™s internet connections, i.e. Italy but I strongly doubt it โ€ฆ
The same problem occurs with AoE2 DE in multiplayers games and it is obvious that it does not occur if you are using a LAN.
Any suggestions?