Age of Empires Forum Updates

Hello everyone! I wanted to make you aware of a few changes we’ve been making to the forum, as well as how they will improve our ability to track, participate in, and ultimately empower the discussions that are most important to you!

As the newest member of the Age Community Team, one of my responsibilities is to serve as a conduit between you and the development teams working on the Age franchise. This means working to gain a better understanding of the feedback and issues that matter the most to you (the community) and the potential ideas that can help make your favorite Age games even better!

To that end, I’ve begun making small changes to the structure of the forum over the past few days—including the combination of a few categories and a small reorganization of the front page. And today, you may have noticed the appearance of two new subcategories to a few of the forums:

These were created in the effort to split discussions into three groups: discussion about the game, bugs you encountered while playing, and a place to ask questions or seek support if you run into issues. All of this is aimed at providing clear areas where the community can discuss and help each other, and where we can easily follow the latest conversations so they can be summarized and passed along to the development teams. I’ve even pinned a few posts in these areas to help you get started as you ask questions, provide guidance to your fellow players, and submit bugs so they can be properly escalated to (and squished by) the team!

That’s it! Watch for more changes in the weeks and months to come; including your posts moving around to fit into these new categories. These handful of changes are only the beginning, and will hopefully help everyone continue to build connections and find new ways to contribute to our growing family!

See you in the new Age! =D


Great!!! When we gonna have news about new Age?



20XX means 2000+10+10. 2020 release confirmed. :laughing:

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2020 is more likely for Age2DE :sunglasses:

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Could we expect some clues at E3?

I think 2020 Is the release date

Do you also look in the AOE 2 HD steam forums for issues? There are quite a few in there -

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Absolutely! I’m just getting started over here, but I won’t be neglecting the conversations already happening on Steam!

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Nice to hear :slight_smile:
There are a lot of issues in there (some in sticky threads) and hopefully those will be fixed already in HD or atleast in DE.

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