Age of Empires Heaven's Age Toons Contest

Hello Age fans! Age of Empires Heaven is having an Age Toons contest with some nice prizes! See the thread here if you want to enter.

Maybe you remember us from the past. We would love to hear your nostalgic stories! Drop by and have a look on the largest AoE 1 website on the net (besides of course!). Don’t forget to take a look at our vast amount of custom scenario’s and campaigns, and say hello on our forums!

I’ve got a few I made, though probably not good enough to be in contest, as some are similar I think.

Anything AoE1 related is welcome!

I haven’t got a clue as to why this thread is posted twice. Can the mods please delete the other one? Thank you. This forum software is weird.

That is a nice contest, +1 for the idea, too bad I already own a DE T-shirt so I will not participate.