Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Getting Return of Rome DLC

Seems like we’re getting another DLC:

Not a fan of it but eh, that’s just me.


not really a DLC. it’s just adding AoE1 content into AoE2.


Yeah, I’m wondering how exactly it will play out. Are we able to play AoE1 civs alongside AoE2 ones in ranked/custom games, or is it like a separate thing?


Babylonians would be OP, 11

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Well, i really didn’t see this coming tbh… if this dlc is adding the AOE1 civs in with the AOE2 civs and jumbling them together, I just don’t see how it’ll work. Greatly different time periods, different techs, different tech tree designs… it all just clashes too much with each other in the worst ways. I hope they’re kept separate overall.


i think they should have just done aoe1 on the aoe2 engine, instead of trying to make aoe1 a dlc for aoe2.


Wish they would bring on the modder who makes the Romae ad Bellum mod and make it an offical game mode because its awesome as is.


For me, the port itself is quite interesting, since even in the DE version AOE1 looks archaic.

I just hope they add new content to the game, like some new campaigns and units, and who knows, civilizations.

Another interesting thing would be the mix between Civilizations of the two games within the campaigns. For example: Celts can be included in AOE1 campaigns, as well Huns and Western Romans in the AOE2 campaign.

I look forward to this “DLC”.


im hoping for more content rather than just a direct port civs within aoe2. new campaign, new units, new features etc. aoe1 is long due for new content.

though overall still nice to have as the modders using AOE1 assets no longer need them in the mod as it become part of base game. @TheConqueror753 @rjgt3838 this would be a very nice reduction in mod size.


good chance they’ll release it as a standalone game, but it goes through the same launcher/UI.
I’m imagining something like Total War:Shogun 2/Total War:Fall of the Samurai

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So why is the ops picture calling it a dlc then? Makes zero sense

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stand-alone DLC is a thing. or maybe you still need to own aoe2:DE. I suspect that there won’t be aoe1-aoe2 crossplay outside of custom lobbies


Release date?? character

no release date has been given afaik

I guess Will be DLC, If they release has a stand alone, people that already have aoe1de Will say: hey i already have bought that game, just give It to me. But has a DLC, aoe2 people must buy It.

Will be a DLC for a market reasons.


I would really like to see this released as a new version of Age of Empires: DE instead of Age of Empires II: DE too, however it looks like it’s a done deal on the path the team is taking with this addition. I hope at least players who already own Age of Empires: DE on Steam will receive the DLC for a discount or free.


I was scared for a second that we would have a roman civ in AoE2 DE but this is actually great news. I hope peoplr that have 1DE get it for free or way cheaper

The censorship is getting ridiculous. I cant type ### #### ####


well it could mean more content to work with for future civs I guess?

Maybe they will fully rework Huns Goths Celts now


It most sure will be like the classic switch mode in aoe 1 de, where you can switch the games between classic and de graphics - so you can choose to play aoe 1 de in aoe 2 de.

mixing and playing the civs together would make no sense.


“Return of Rome” sounds like the dlc is not going to expand contents, add more civs outside of the base AoE1. If that is true I am not buying.