Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Hotfix 34397

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Hotfix 34397

Happy 2020, everyone! The first build of the year includes the return of major performance fixes introduced (initially) with last month’s build, a fix for the “Castle Age Crash” which kicks players out of the game as they’re Aging-up, as well as new fixes for issues that have been prevalent subjects of discussion amongst the community.

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Did you guys break Ranked? Can’t play ranked at all now…

Again no sushi lover fix…

Ranked should not be impacted. Can you let us know more about what you’re seeing?

I was in a group of 3 and it took about 20+ minutes for us to get to the point we were in the queue. It kept crashing or disconnecting from multiplayer services. Seems okay now though.

Whenever there is a new build, it can take a few hours for everyone to download and ensure they are on the latest version of the game. Queue times will likely come down as everyone catches up, and I’m glad to hear that seems to be the case.

Have fun! =)

It wasn’t the queue time itself - it was either hard crashing to desktop or disconnecting form multiplayer services after a minute or so (seemed to be a timeout of some sort).

Unfortunately, was just in a ranked game and one of my friends got the castle age upgrade crash :frowning: Not a fan of losing ELO when someone crashes or disconnects in this way. The game should detect it and call it a draw.

The black screen crash where you can’t see anything still happens to me.

No longer stuttering and in 4v4 games FPS is 60, so it’s a good update for me

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So, the disconnect after 5 mins bug hasnt been fixed yet. How long until that happens?