Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Hotfix 34793

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Hotfix 34793

Today’s hotfix addresses three major issues that arose with Tuesday’s Update, including a problem with walls, town centers, and AI unit movements!

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Oh thank goodness for the speedy update!

If it turns out there are still some awful bugs … please do another speedy one, and do that over and over until all the huge bugs are fixed!

Here’s to hoping that the big bugs are all fixed now though!

Regardless of if all the awful bugs are fixed or not … I’m really happy with the clear display of intention to fix it all QUICKLY as it’s only been a couple of days. I was so worried that we’d have a longer wait than that.

Sorry for the beginner question, but where would I go to check that the fix has been downloaded? I purchased the game off of the Microsoft store.

Hi, welcome here. If you open MS store and you are signed on then click on ‘…’ next to your profile picture and on ‘My library’. There you can see last updated dates. You can also click on a title there and it will open in MS store immediately showing a down arrow in the top bar of MS store application if there is an update available. You can click it to get and trigger the download. Finally but not least through library you can open downloads (and updates) screen where you chronologically see last installed app updates and version numbers. It also includes a ‘download updates’ button that will update all provisioned store apps. I say provisioned as I noticed that clicking that one does not trigger the update of AOE II DE.


Thank you for your reply

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Really appreciate the fix here. My wife and I just encountered that bug with the units hugging the westmost corner of the map, so it was a pretty welcome sight to see it was already patched out the next day.

Gotta say; the occasional hiccup aside, AOE 2 DE has thus far been exactly what we wanted. Thanks to the team for such an amazing overhaul to one of the best RTS games of the ages!


Oh nice, really good fix. Thanks for your post.