📜 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Hotfix 43210

Age of Empires II: DE - Update 43210

Today’s hotfix introduces several critical fixes to issues that cropped up after the November Anniversary Update. Most notably, it brings numerous stability improvements and crash fixes to the game, additional menu narration (when enabled) for the new UI areas of the game, the implementation of missing translations for several languages, and changes which address some clever exploits and issues uncovered in the Battle Royale game mode.

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what about age 3 de…

So still experiencing lag however not as bad as previously. Friends game also crashed mid way through. So dont know if there is another bug


I’m still waiting for a fix for the MP loading issue, haven’t been able to play at all since that patch on 5th or 6th of nov.

Thank god for this hotfix, every game you had someone crashing.

My game now lags with less than 10 units even on screen, “great” job.


Unfortunately, when i was playing ranked game in nomad, it crashed again.
All my efforts were wasted.

Thanks for the update!

To all the people complaining about crashes or lag, could you file a proper bug report? I’m sure the devs can do little with messages like “it crashed” or “it lags”.

The game cannot prevent all causes of lag. If there is someone with a bad connection or bad pc, there is nothing the devs can do about it.


Good job on the UI animations. Making them twice as fast definitely gives it a slicker feel! Thanks guys for your dedication to AOE! :slight_smile:


@BoughtRelic9282 yea that reduced animation really helps… it was getting on my nerve. would not mind if its cut by another 1/2 really.

also, I played a few games with someone I know will lag for sure and they use to lag every game. no more lag today and infact it is fairly smooth. not sure if it’s their computer thats changed but i doubt it, maybe to do with server or the fix they were talking about. much better now.


To players still experience issues with:

  • Lag or dropped frames.
  • Launch Issues
  • Crashes
  • Game Errors

Please reach out to our support team with a copy of your dxdiag, any error logs or enhanced logs, and any error messages that appear when you encounter the issue.

This information is critical in helping the team diagnose and solve your issue, and will be handled one-on-one where other issues will not distract from your situation!

Thank you! :+1:


3 human vs 3 AI today on Fortress, when we were 100 pop each game went ~5 fps (steam showed 45 fps, but game felt as 5 fps)
we play often, so same PC (very good machines) and we didnt have problems last month
game was unplayable today


They don´t seem to care about AoE 3DE. They don´t listen to the community, and break mods every single time…