Age of Empires II Definitive Edition on ESRB!

Is someone aware of this?

It seems like there will be news of AoE II DE soon!


Zoom in on military units is definitely a new feature. :grinning:

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Well cant you do that in AoE1 DE?
I think it’s the same thing.

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Yes you can zoom in on military units in AoE:DE. The same feature in AoE II:DE is the first info released about the game.

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Nice… Can’t wait for this to be released

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Hm. All I can say is…

FOR GODS SAKE WILL YOU PEOPLE PLEASE SHOW US SOMETHING!!! This is easily one of my most anticipated games for the year, I can’t take this silence any longer! :tired_face:


Can’t wait for news!!!

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I am very excited! Just imagining how AOE II DE would look like gives me goosebumps! It’ll be epic!


Exciting!! Thank you for this wonderful news! I just hope that it’s better than AoE: DE - that didn’t go very well for many players apparently.

That sounds brutal and fantastic :sunglasses:!

Heh. Cool find brother!

Really waiting for AOE 2 DE :slight_smile: Would be happy to see some screenshots

E3 news??? Maybe? Hopefully?

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Everything has been fakenews recently. But if it is real… Zooming in/ rotating and stuf isn’t possible in the engine of aoe2. Hopefully they remade aoe2 in a real 3d engine! That would certainly be worth it. Otherwise nobody will leave aoe2 hd.

Zooming is possible. They did it in AOE DE. Aoe 2 DE is mostly intended to be like the last one, so …2d with redrawn art and UI features like the zoom. Which, honestly, is A-OK for me at least. I don’t need AOE 2 to be 3d (and kind of worry that doing so would negatively impact the game in some ways). But hey, maybe they might prove that wrong some day.

Either way, 2 DE is on the same engine far as we know.


Exactly, 3d would actually be bad for AoE2. Most 3D RTS games are a clumsy mess and eventually turn out to be ugly.
And yes, most likely it’s going to have the AoE1 DE look and same zoom feature.

I wasn’t aware of this but why would there be mild Language. I am guessing it will refer to the dialogue when you join the campaigns. Just like in AOEDE.

Probably yeah. They are likely also factoring in words like ‘b*stard’ (which the forum wont let me spell fully either).


I guess they are trying to make the game realistically as possible

PC Gamer Show or Microsoft might have it at #E3 you guys think?

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