Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 34055

Oh, and the two hotkey bugs for the Goths and the Cumans are still happening.

unplayable now. good job

cant play since update, after start game get closed. Windows 7
pls fix.

Same , but am using Windows 10

Game crash on w7, i have 2 acounts on diferent PC but no ones work, please fix it or refound the money

hello i have problem now. I have i5 2500k and radeon card and mine frame rate in this game was around 50 fps without enhanced graphic pack but after this big update 34055 i was very happy becose i was have stable 60 fps with v-sync.Game was very smooth :slight_smile: Some hours ago was little ubdate version 101.101.34223.0 4509956 and now again i have around 50 fps. I was restarting 3 times pc and same result no stable frame rate.Its no smooth now.Why you break it :frowning:

I can play now, but i cant invite a friend.
If i want join its unkown mistakte.
pls fix

Provide details man. Which Windows version? Hardware etc

Is he on a different platform? (Like are you crossplaying or something?)

Please avoid using words that are abusive towards people with mental disabilities.

I think the new ranked mapped pool is awesome and don’t forget that you can ban maps you dislike …

Some people don’t want to play nomad and “completely rng” maps … but note that these maps are more popular and competitive than the last map pool …

Nomad, and even megarandom, are a lot better than Oasis and Highland.

When the developers change the map pool to the most popular multiplayer maps that were regularly played ranked on Voobly … and you prefer the previous mappool that included maps that were very unpopular competitively … then it shows that it’s YOU that doesn’t know what you’re doing. The developers are doing a fantastic job and this won’t be the last of their awesome updates.

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Still facing the same FATAL ERROR: FILE ERROR 12, after so many patchs and yet this error still remain. are the dev team paying attention to users who are still facing this error and prevent us to play the game that we had paid for?

I can ban 3 maps but theres at least 6 maps that are not aligned with what i want to play. The old map pool was nice for me nice selction of balanced normal maps. Not this weird random stuff that doesnt have any place in competitive play. So dont tell me i can just ban the maps i dont want to play. No they dont let me. If they actually let me ban as many maps as i want thats a different story.

For a strange reason, Steam was uploaded yesterday December 20th a new version “34223” and now the Microsoft Store players with the update “34055” cant play with Steam players, I think it is something that needs to solve in future updates, release the update at the same time.

(Sorry, I am a new account and I can only upload one image)

MICROSOFT VERSION 101.101.34055.0 0

STEAM VERSION 101.101.34223.0 4509956

Is there any solution for this?

Thank you.

I take it that it’s just because the Microsoft Store is sometimes one update behind.