📜 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 40220

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Update 40220

Happy summer, Age friends! All around the northern hemisphere, we’re soaking up the summer sun (responsibly) while trying to capture and bring a little of that warmth and happiness to Age of Empires II— and what better way to do that than with an all-new Summer Celebration and a new update!

This month’s update is focused on the stability and playability of the game—based largely on feedback and input from the community following the July update. It’s smaller than many of our previous updates, but includes several important changes to the game:

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I downloaded the update but it shows nothing in the game (no new challenges and seems that it not properly updated the game)


We are aware of an issue where event challenges are not showing up properly, and will let you know when we’ve resolved the issue! :+1:

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That’s good to hear, thanks


Event challenges are now showing up as intended! Enjoy!


i love how all the ladders (ranked 1v1/team for RM and DM) as well as the unranked ladder all show up together in stats regardless of the option selected i’ve never seen so many #1s before on a single ladder

Your Halloween pfp is out of date :stuck_out_tongue:

The Scope of the patch is a bit little, so many small reported bugs still unfixed from the forum.

E.g. Will you ever come around to fix the bugged timer trigger, aquebus not working as intended or player colors 8 when less then 8 players in scneario mess up triggers.

I think you forgot something in the patch notes: You didnt mentioned any balance changes at all?! No buffs or nerfs to units or civs?!

Leaderboard changes are nice, hopefully it now also show correct data. It would be nice if we just dont need third party sites anymore to see most stats.

The addition of save games is also huge. This will helps the streaming community a lot! Does this include the save games from all games? For example: 2 top players are practising for a big tournament. I dont think those save games needs to be public available.

I don’t really like it. Almost not update at all. Somenbalance changes are still needed. And some bugs are still happening (mediterranean water distribution, arquebus is not fixed).
And next patch would be like this aswell… Bummer


Next step: Let them work. I just won a game as Berbers against Berbers AI, but i still dont fulfull the goal of the challenge. So these challenges dont work atm. Something is bugged.

This issue should have been resolved shortly after the update. Please refresh the page to see the properly-filtered ladder(s)!

Will the elo inflation be addressed someday? They is a detailed discussion about it on the forum, you must have seen it already.

Very happy to see the recorded games! So good to have those available. Thank you so much!

Sorry for my bad english… But the chalange with the berber, ähtiopier and malier is not working ind multiplayer and singleplayer i tried it with all 3 civilizations…

I think they mention in the release notes that a bigger update is planned fairly soon and that this was an effort to get a few fixes out the door. Especially annoying was the bug with not being able to place a gate at a certain angle so that’s good to get fixed quickly.
I suppose most patches and updates are never enough for us, though, right? :smiley: I can only imagine how the pandemic has had an impact on game development and fixing bugs, so I guess we’ll just have to be a bit more patient.
Be safe, everyone!

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Straight exit the game to the achievements and do not look at the map first!

I do that but it not working…