📜 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 46295

Age of Empires II: DE — Update 46295

Hello again, my kings and queens of the battlefield! It’s that time again: another monthly release with yet another small—albeit important—update for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Today’s build comes with a bunch of crash and performance improvements for the game, many of which are direct results of the new Public Update Preview program (or PUPP). All of you who jumped in to experiment with the build and troubleshoot with the team have been WONDERFUL, and we will be creating a NEW development build this month to continue working with those of you experiencing issues. You can look for that build information on the Steam forum and in the PUPP section of the update notes!

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Mmmm it seems that until May, we won’t see more balance changes, still I think the Arambai needs to lose the damage of missed shoots because is just dumb, broken and non logical, Instead something like poison damage would be much more funny and interesting.
But well, is fine that this game is getting the deserved attention.

Why’s that dumb? I guess neither you nor the dart would realize that it’s intended to hit someone else when you’re hit. Damage to your tissue would be just the same as to your neighbour’s. And I’m glad they do not do stuff like damage over time. I like the “simple” way damage works in age of empires.


Thanks for the update. It’s nice to see yoy keep working on the gamez although I expected some balance changes (for burgundians, mainly but for other civs as well)

Why is it, that patch notes are never visible without logging into your microsoft account?
I don’t want to have to login to some side just to read some patch notes, especially when I already am logged into this forum here.

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Expecting balance changes too in April, since that would cover the 3 months from 25/26 January update.

Love the work.

My expectations, apart from the new civs which are obvious to have changes:

  1. Cumans
  2. Burmese (buff to something other than Arambai)
  3. Indians (to a less extent, but civ is unstable in meta)
  4. Spanish
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This new event is pretty amazing, I just wish that there was a way to get all the rewards in one day.

Open the patch notes. See the microsoft login. Close the page. Open the patch notes again. Now you can see the patch notes within logging in.

No idea why this happens… But this works for me every time.


Actually works, even without cookies.
No words

When to expect this month’s?

I actually don’t want an update soon because I have 23 mods enabled right now and I don’t want to have to renable them.

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Lol, been there. Felt that.


Backup you enabled mod file. I didn’t play de for a2 months when they wiped my mods the first time… Won’t go trough this again

Mods are always disabled but not erased from your PC when you update the game, because to prevent any sort of crash or stuff like that.

need an update to fix the crashes and out of syncs

Why is this pinned and not the May update?