Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 51737

Age of Empires II: DE — Update 51737

Hello! We have another release filled with exciting updates, balance changes, and bug fixes for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition!

Today’s build brings several fixes and updates to the game, including addressing several issues with the game crashing, civilization & map updates, and improvements & fixes to the AI. Many of these changes and fixes are a direct result of the Public Update Preview program (or PUPP). All of you who jumped in to experiment with the build and troubleshoot with the team have been WONDERFUL, and we will be creating a NEW development build this month to continue working with those of you experiencing issues. You can look for that build information on the Steam forum and in the PUPP section of the update notes!

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The cost of Herbal Medicine has been reduced to 200G but it is omitted in patch notes.


Please, Vietnamese need small bonus economy early game too, rattan archer need fix reduce cost create and delete frame delay shoot. Can you refer my adviced? After so much comments

buyed in microsoft store


Restart your modem. I got this problem,too. And I fixed it by restarted my modem.

Microsoft services multiplayer what happening? dont work…

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didnt work, reinstalled, restarted modem…
the new patch f… the game

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Same issue here please help

So there was an hotfix today? I cant found i thread about it, so i use this one.

Still no hotfix for the broken TG ratings since release, almost 2 years ago. When will this issue finally be fixed?!