Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 56005

Age of Empires II: DE — Update 56005

Welcome to another release filled with exciting updates, balance changes, and bug fixes for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition!

We’re pretty excited about making today’s build available to you. Here is a quick look at some of the changes coming with today’s update:

  • The Age of Empires II: DE Second Anniversary Event is going on now!
  • 2 new co-op campaigns! Tariq ibn Ziyad & Tamerlane!
  • Quick Play vs AI matchmaking!
  • In-game tech tree preview feature!
  • Player handicap system for custom lobbies!
  • Regional trade cart skins!
  • Updated Arabia!
  • Balance changes focused on infantry units!
  • New cheat codes!

And much, much more! Be sure to dig down into the post below to get all of the juicy details before hopping in-game and checking them out firsthand.

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Best update so far. Also the UI tech tree preview is amazing. Love it


Thanks for the another great update!


There is now a treaty start for Nomad type maps, but this is not in the patch notes.

Random Map Scripting

  • NEW! “force_nomad_treaty” command, which allows map scripters to enforce a treaty period of 5 minutes and a treaty area of 10 tiles around the Town Center foundation of the player. The treaty ends after 5 minutes or when all players have constructed a Town Center. This allows map creators to disable early fighting in Nomad style maps.

dear lord thank god. am I understanding it correctly that aoe2 nomad is not affected by this?

@Dbuen u mean this ^

I’m experiencing crashes a couple of minutes after starting a game after the update.

NEW! “King of the Hill” and “Regicide” game modes can now be set as victory conditions in the Scenario Editor.

Absolutely amazing. Finally I can crap my custom scenario with hundreds of triggers to get regicide + King of the hill working myself. It often desynced anyway.

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It looks pretty good. The devs actually listened to some of our complaints :scream:

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Ballistics buffed against high speed targets

Regicide matches will became tense

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It is important to teach people the vital skill of King micro against heavy cav archers. :crown: :joy:

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I didn’t get what the light cav and eagles resistance to convert means… Could someone explain it ?

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no more instant convertions for the suposed counter unit. it basicaly makes things alot more consistant when it comes to monks vs light cav. i think this will be an overall nerf to monks in this matchup


Elite Teutonic Knight is showing up as 950 Food and 500 Gold in game, not either as 950 food 875 gold or 750 food 650 gold that the patch notes show. It was 1200F, 600G.

Let’s see how it works out.

Every source of crash or lag being found and fixed is super valuable.

Thank god the command queue is being worked on and the skipped tasks after ungarrisoning are fixed already.

Thank god also units are less prone to spawn on the wrong side of the production building.

Balance wise…
3 wood palisades can be brutal on uneven maps.
I am curious to see how the house hp reduction will change the game.
Castle age infrantry uu buff makes sense, but i don’t get why the elite upgrade costs the same for each infantry unit.
Why should have Elite Woad/Samurai/Teutonic Knight/etc have different costs upgrade to elite?
Burmese unique tech is almost as bad as Andean sling 24.
I guess the community is split in Vikings lovers and haters now 11


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Also lets hope there are not too many new bugs in the release KEKW

Probs to the devs for implementing kotd arabia as new standard. I hope it stays past the tourney. Because from what I have seen in the qualifiers it’s the best arabia we’ve had in a very long time. The degree to which the map is wallable varies, sometimes feasible early on, sometimes not so. And at the same time it’s rather consistent in a match. I didn’t see instances where one player has a super open one and the other play can wall without too much effort. Ressource distribution seems good as well. Just the carpets are annoying imo.

Only negative thing about the patch that comes to mind is that a fix of the broken ban system is delayed to a further upgrade. So let’s see what new instances of unfair bans come with the patch (adding to the high number of already existing ones).


They made a mistake, they copy pasted the changes made to the elite samurai upgrade instead of using the values for the TK one

Good catch, thank you!

The actual values for the Elite Teutonic Knight upgrade cost change are indeed 1200 food 600 gold :arrow_forward: 950 food 500 gold.



I see regional trade carts… so, do we have some hope seeing regional Monks?

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