Age of empires III challenges Send the theaters?

I try a lot bud can’t find the Theaters , pleacse help me how i can do this :slight_smile:

Hi, you just have to send the “Theater” card from your home city as a eurepean civ, the “II” just means that the card can be sent from age II

Yes bud i do have it ennywhere i looked :frowning: it’s not i my dek ?

Check in the deck editor, it should look like the card at the end of the bottom row, add that to your deck and save it

yes thanks bud i don’t have that dek ennywhere ? I’ve searched all over the world I can’t find that deck anywhere and i don’t now hou to make one :frowning:


wrong commerce age has to be II frack me :slight_smile: after 3 day’s thanks all :slight_smile:

I am in the same boat. Played it 3 times now looking for the theater card