📜 Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Hotfix 4087

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Hotfix 4087

Good day, explorers! Today’s update includes several critical fixes to the most prevalent crashes identified over the past week—all of which have been packaged up, tested, and released as soon as possible to mitigate the disruptions to your play. While this does mean that today’s update is smaller than the first release, our primary goal right now is to ensure that players are able to play and enjoy the game without disruption. Doing so ensures less disruptions for everyone: leading to more enjoyable matches and the opportunity to focus on adjusting the balance and mechanics of the game later on!

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Thanks devs, is the ranked lobby fixed?


Not sure what the point of this update is when you fix small bugs but not the elephant in the room that is a non functional ladder. At least update the known issues to acknowledge this bug.


Played a treaty game… Game crashed at 43 minutes… Tell me devs, how frustrating and enfuriating is that? And i cant even refund the game, im stuck with a broken game, and i cant even play the campaign because the cutscenes are broken and AI is a mess, sending his villagers to my own city… And yes my pc is from this year, i can run any more demanding games than age of empires, so please dont tell me again that its my fault … thats not very professional at all!

Does the game go on for others in multiplayer while you are trying to reconnect? I just played a game after this patch and was looking at a team mate have a lot of idle units and then after a while he “resigned due to connection issues”

I also notice when i reconnect, the game suddenly speeds up in time. Maybe this is why people keep getting disconnected, because they are trying to reconnect to a moving game. In the original game, it paused when somebody was lagging and it usually lets them reconnect.

This is so frustrating. I get disconnected in almost a third to half my games. And there is no way to reconnect! Even mobas and other games let people reconnect

Smart Queues are still not working properly, especially for Russia. Training two batches of Strlets from two blockhouses will assign both jobs to one blockhouse.

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Is anyone else also facing the sound problems with the new update?

The latest update today has ruined the game for me. Sounds from units and their actions randomly fade out, and the only thing you hear is the music. You don’t know if an action was completed, you don’t know if you’re under attack, you don’t know if villagers are working in an area, if you’re not looking.

WTF developers? Is there a workaround?

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Same for me! with every patch the game gets more broken for me… and I have an high end pc