Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 13.38085

Greetings, Explorers! The latest AoEIIIDE update is now live, featuring general and civ-specific balance changes. Read on for the full list of what’s new!


I wonder what the new event will be?


Mmm I cant imagine, february, rabbits…what would it be??

Mmm quizas no lo comprenda del todo bien pero que tiene de bueno la carta de brigadiers en II edad? pagar 500 de oro por 8 o 9 mosqueteros no me parece muy hem… genial? es que solo tienen unas ligeras stats mejores que los mosqueteros comunes pero para ello mejor me envio mosqueteros comunes que encima el envio me sale “gratis” aunque el envio si vale la pena para los alemanes ya que te envia 11 y basicamente serian un envio de 600 de recursos en edad II pero en cambio para otras civs solo seria un envio de 400 recursos haciendolo ligeramente peor que otros, quizas alguien pueda explicar mejor si funciona mejor esta carta.

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So what was the point of the PUP if they made zero changes since? I’m just gonna main Sweden, India, and China now if people think they’re balanced.

I hope it is not a Chinese New Year event with more chinese cards, units and refresh for the third year in a row :roll_eyes:


it probably wont be, chinese new year starts next week


I’m curious as well, for all intents and purposes this wasn’t a PUP at all. Not to mention bug reports were deleted on the PUP steam page.

As for the What’s on the horizon? I think it’s just reused from previous patches. The special event refers to the Anniversary patch.


Thanks for continuously updating the game!

Will the bugs and the missing keys of legacy keybinding be fixed? Some hotkeys don’t work. And some missing keys like setting home city shipments arrive location and setting the military units gather point could be essential (so far only Town Center can assign the gather point hotkey.

At least it’s a step in the right direction, inching closer to the ideal. Thank you for the balance patch, just keep them coming albeit more frequently.

PUP is for testing. If people don’t find any issue with it then they won’t change it and just release the patch.

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Nothing but issues were found, but ok.

Balance issues don’t count.

Special event? Maybe unlocking old profiles and heroes from previous events.

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Honestly it would’ve been good instead of only adding them in hero skin packs ##############
AoE2DE had that type of event twice and 3DE still didn’t had that one yet :slightly_frowning_face: Still missing lots of event-related stuff and it’s unfair to only wait for a skin pack DLC instead of an event that covers all previous past awards.
(edit: thanks forums for censoring the word DLCs)

That would be a very boring event then. Hopefully some teasers come with the new event. They say “more fun”.

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Son ligeramente mejores que un mosquetero, tienen muchísima defensa y ataque a melé; ascensos y siendo suecos los desbloqueas para crearlos en cuarteles y tabernas por 100 de oro.

Hopefully the “idly walking villager” when building walls will be fixed.


eso es lo que quiero decir, es que 100 de oro no es moco de pavo como decimos en chile (una forma de decir que no es poca cosa) ya si estas 3ra de que te conviene crear brigadiers irlandeses si con los suecos puedes usar la carta snaplock?

Oh oh oh, please do a Chinese New Year thing again and give us more skins, preferably Qing dynasty things, and give the Chinese access to the Manchu by default, since they’re the dominant military class in the Qing dynasty.

And please fix France’s AI on extreme, they just do the French Revolution and die because they stop collecting resources, the sans-cullotes just stand around and don’t build or gather resources, even on extreme difficulty.

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