Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition β€” Update 14.43676 (coming August 2nd!)

As promised, the release notes are available early for the update coming later this week! This one is large with a whole lot of balance updates, bug fixes, and more.


  • Online status for your friends
  • Unique Explorer bonuses
  • New balance updates
  • New customizations
  • Royal Guard and Church tech reworks
  • Enhanced Civilizations and Revolutions

:scroll: Check out the full release notes here!


Any improvement to the revolutions is welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, one more big step to Age of Europeans!

Non-European Civs literally got no love once again.

Almost all of Latin America is reduced to just revolutions and they almost seem to think that we are just tropical countries, Asia is basically stereotypes and a handful of maps, there is certainly a favoritism, but I don’t think this is the place to complain, I recommend that you create a theme and try to unify all those who want more non-European civilizations. (Post-colonial, African, Asian and native)


I don’t know if you realize that the European civs in this game are much more neglected at the moment than the Asian civs - they just have very few Unique Units and etc relative to other civs. Only now will European civs get a refresh.

AoE 3 DE brought us great African civs, I think someday it will be time for Asia as well, which needs more work than European civs - European civs just needed more cosmetic variance.


This update is currently scheduled to deploy August 2nd around 11AM PT. I’ll let you know if this changes before then.