📜 Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Update 18493

Age of Empires III: DE — Update 18493

Hello Age III explorers! We’re following up this month’s regular game update with a smaller release and a handful of important fixes for the game. This includes stability improvements as well as fixes to a few accessibility issues, and lays the groundwork for a larger list of changes coming in next month’s release—some of which is teased in the ‘Ongoing…‘ section of the update notes.


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When is the new event?

Can we count on nice surprises in the update next month?

Wow, seems that at least you still support Aoe3, that’s great!

If there’re resources to put, I would love unique skins and icons for revolutionary units, and revamp some of the more useless/UP ones

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The issue with units looking blurry with temporal anti aliasing and ssaa at 100% is still present, just to let you know. The patchnotes says it’s been fixed but it hasn’t in those settings. 150% looks better but its more consuming


Great to see that you have an eye on some of the biggest bugs, keep it up

Thanks.I think you can strengthen Chinese and Russia civ!

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No new event next month just maintenance patch with some quality of life updates like flags displayed besides the username, resources per minute, etc.

Seems like they are focusing a bit extra on something else (aoe4) so its mostly quality of life it seems, instead of balance before bugs which is alright


Also good job with the new update patch

French have been already nerfed, the Imperial Gendarme being weaker and the Thoroughbreds card no longer decreases training time, plus less food crates at the start, what more?

I would rather nerf Japanese.

Please update thanks!