๐Ÿ“œ Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition โ€” Update 23511 & 24632

Age of Empires III: DE โ€” Update 23511

Hail, explorers! WELCOME to a truly monumental week for Age of Empires and, in particular, Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition! Thatโ€™s because today, weโ€™re releasing a new contender to join the fight for DE supremacy: the UNITED STATES!

On top of all the changes, features, and improvements coming with todayโ€™s build, the United States introduces a brand-new play style, a wide variety of strategic options and tactical tools for you to learn and master, and new armies to conquer the battlefield. With numerous unique units, unique buildings, unique cards, and a unique way to advance from Age to Age, the U.S. brings a ton of new functionality the game. Even better: if you donโ€™t want to purchase and play with the civilization right away, you can unlock it for FREE by completing a set of challenges while exploring the history of all 50 states in the union!

Check out the full notes, below!

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Age of Empires III: DE โ€” Hotfix 24632

Todayโ€™s small update brings with it a handful of fixes for issues that led to a sub-optimal experience. The team continues to focus on improvements to the game based on feedback and issues identified by the community, so please keep sharing your voice with us on topics that youโ€™re passionate about with us on the official forums or Steam discussions.

:scroll: Read up on the Changes: Age of Empires III: DE โ€” Hotfix 24632


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You only care the Treaty and not care the 1V1.Itโ€™s my idea!
I think 1v1 banlance is so important
Now,The Janpanese is so op!
Some country like Russia,Spain,Chinese is some weak
I think they need strengthen!

Excuse me, but why do you buff the Coin trickle effect from 1.25 to 1.5 for everyone but for China in the german consulate? You canโ€™t tell me thats supposed to be balance. I assume you just forgot about it.

So please go ahead and adjust the Coin trickle for China in the german consulate to 1.50 coin per second from 1.25 coin per second. I have already checked ingame and you have not adjusted this value for China.

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Game crash with USA DLC when loading in a game

Iโ€™m a pc game pass holder and the USA civ is not available. On the announcement screen it shows its included in game pass. Please fix. I only have the option for USA challenges.

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If you are still seeing this issue can you please reach out to the support team aoe.ms/supportt ?

have not have the iseu after remove the mods

I love it! But Iโ€™ve noticed two two Bugs. Sometimes Units get stuck on tradepost spaces and sometimes a worker wont stop building, even if the building is finished in a very late game.
Looking forward for all the new Stuff


A new hotfix is available with several improvements following up on Update 23511. You can read the full details here:

Please update.Having many textโ€™s bugs and Chinese is weakly!