Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Update 38254

Age of Empires III: DE — Update 38254

Hail, explorers! WELCOME to an exciting day for Age of Empires and, in particular, Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition! That’s because today, we’re releasing a new contender to join the fight for DE supremacy: THE AFRICAN ROYALS!

Today’s update brings with it a number of exciting features and fixes as we strive to provide the very best experience possible. Curious what’s in store? Here’s just a small peek at what’s new in this update:

  • The African Royals DLC including two new civilizations!
  • Even more crash fixes and stability improvements!
  • Fix for mortars not attacking targets when ordered to attack-move along with other units.
  • A wealth of improvements for attack-move behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could possibly soft-lock during startup if a user’s key profile contained invalid hotkey mappings.
  • Lots of multiplayer fixes!
  • Fixed an issue that caused small sections of upgraded Aztec walls to not be displayed.
  • …and more!*

Head on over to the link below to check out the full patch notes!

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Africa DLC.I think it reflects Microsoft’s efforts.
It have 5+4 Africa Stardard Army;2 house Army;3 outpost army and 8+8 update for age.
It’s so great for the game!!
About the balance for Africa.I think we can keep watching for a while.
But,I think the Sweden.Weaken it so excessive.I think must give some buff for it.
Chinese New Army can’t compare for France age 1 card:Early Training the Skirmisher card!!!
New Army is a age 2 card.Need 400 Food.But France is a Team card,and age 1 can send.Important.It’s free!!!I think can let New Army become free!
Thanks very much!

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