Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Update 56860

Age of Empires III: DE — Update 56860

Welcome, adventurers, to a post-launch update after the release of the Mexico Civilization for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition!

This is a small update, but we wanted to make sure everything was perfect, just in time for the holidays!


Stability & Performance

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when playing a game against the AI.

  • Fixed a crash in the UI code.

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when attempting to return to the Main Menu from the user’s Home City while playing the Story Mode campaigns.


  • The portrait of the Jat Lancer unit now correctly displays the player color.


  • Fixed an issue where the Dock Rickshaw had no VO when playing as Swedes, United States, Hausa or Ethiopians.


  • The Saloon now appears correctly in the Mexican tech tree at Age II rather than Age III.

This is just a small taste of what is coming in the latest update. For a complete list, please visit our site and check out our blog. Happy Gaming!

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  • Tlaxcala Alliance (Tlaxcala, II): No longer enables Christian Schools to be researched, instead enables Tlaxcala Initiation (200w 200c, grants +100% Hero atk & hp)

Please just commit to the idea of turning the old Aztec Minor Civilization into Tlaxcalans, you’ve already reused two of their techs as Tlaxcalan Techs.

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Outlaws are back on the menu with the lower pop again. I think this is good.

No comment on Mexico, since I don’t own the dlc and haven’t played aoe3 since they released for fear of getting stomped even harder then I was stomped by neftenya skirms with 330 hp and siege resist.

Is the game balanced enough to get a fair game as something like let’s say Russia in treaty?