📜 Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Update 9476

Age of Empires III: DE — Update 9476

Thanks for your patience while we pull something big together for you! This month’s update is the first major release to introduce a slew of new features and fixes to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition .

The team has been working hard on new systems that they’re excited to now share with you, as well as fixes and adjustments requested by all of you (the community) over the past month. They’ve been tinkering with a little of everything for everyone: from game balance and performance improvements to civilization adjustments, AI tweaks (to inject some real strategic thinking into those computer players), and other improvements to make the game better than ever!

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Oh! Earlier than I thought, thanks!

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The number of fixes and additions are great, I cannot wait to try out the new AI. Speaking of, the notes make no mention whether they can build on trade routes again. Is this corrected or will they still ignore them?

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Nice update. Really like the new Swedish Home City Customization options.

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  • Removed the Armor Plating upgrade from the technology trees of Native American civilizations, as it is not available to them in the game.

This seems redundant

Thanks! Big patch, hope it improved late game play.

It was, that’s why they’ve removed it :wink:

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Why did they increase India experience requirement by 1%? This has no effect on gameplay whatsoever. Is this a joke that I don’t get?

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You’re wrong, every increased % of required experience per shipment is big, that’s why the nerf to Germans was so huge( the requirement for then was raised by 3%). It’s a good and impactful nerf IMO.


Speaking about the XP change for Portuguese TC:
The Lakota Town Center has been adjusted accordingly.

What do they mean by that?

Lakota TC costs 400w(instead of the standard 500w), so I assume that the XP given by building the Lakota TC is 80XP instead of 100XP like the other civs. That’s what they meant.

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still memory errors that suddenly crash game, maybe bugged by discord idk.

3% is quite a bit larger than 1%, so it’s not a good comparison. It’s essentially 1% penalty to gather rate of only one of five (!) resources (food, wood, coin, experience, export, admittedly, they are not equal in value). No one would have even noticed this change without reading the changelog. If a civ only needs such a tiny nerf to be balanced, it’s already balanced.

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The penalty is for taking the cards longer, not collecting resources more slowly.

From the gameplay point of view, cards taking longer to aquire is exactly the same as getting EXP slower, since cards are the only way to “spend” EXP.


1% is like, on average, the number of shipments you would send on 10minutes, you will need 10minutes and 6 seconds now to send the same number of shipments.