Age of Empires IV is running, but screen is black

I have installed the AoE IV via the Microsoft Store. When I start the program, it begins, plays a brief bit of music, takes me to the main menu page. I then go to start the learning tutorial or a single player game and it loads and then my cursor turns into an arrow, the narration begins, which I can here fine, but the screen is completely black.

I have a core I 7 Processor, 16 gigs of ram, a NVIDIA GEForce GTX 1050 that I updated with the latest drivers, and my pc is completely updated. I have rebooted and tried the alt tab out of the program and then alt tab back in. I have set both my NVIDIA and my Intel graphics to the highest quality and took them out of letting them decide what was the best setting. I have tried 3 separate monitors and I still get a black screen.

Can anyone help or tell me how to get someone from Microsoft to help?