Age of Empires IV - Main Theme - Guitar Cover (Rock / Metal) with TABS

My love for music is very tied to my love for videogames and listening to their OSTs. As such, one of the themes I treasure the most from all my young years conquering and strategizing is the “Main Theme” from Age of Empires. Recently, when AoE IV was released, it came along with a beautiful new orchestral rendition to the classic soundtrack… and I decided to give it a go, translating everything into a “band” arrangement. WOLOLO!
Hope you enjoy it!


Eh…eeeeeeeh! hermano, eso es fabuloso. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

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Gracias a vos por escuchar! :sparkling_heart:

well that was something…
nice work

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Thanks for listening, Steve :slight_smile: