Age of empires IV not working properly windows 11

Hi Guys,

Just bought a new pc running the ryzen 7 and RTX3060 and for some reason the game is glitchy now when I try and load into it and play it, apparently this could be due to windows 11 as my older pc I was playing it on was windows 10. Has anyone had this issue?


I play on Windows 11, Intel Core i7 11th generation, RTX3060 with no issues. Define “glitchy”.

oh really?

Glitchy like laggy in the home screen and the audio cuts in and out when it laggs, tried un install and re install 4 times no effect, all drivers up to date and all system is up to date so not sure what to try next

If not related to network play (you mention home screen), I recommend that you open the GeForce performance overlay (usually by pressing Alt+R) to measure GPU performance including FPS. Unsure about how good the Ryzen of your is, but in full HD with all graphics settings my PC does around 160 FPS. If you are not having graphics performance issues, it must be something else. What exactly? Dunno. Keep investigating other areas.

If in 4K, 60 FPS looks very ok to me. You don’t seem to be experiencing graphic-related issues.

@TipRat44 if you’re still having issues, please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Hopefully they can help get you running properly. Please report back if you’re able to narrow down the problem. Thanks!