Age of Empires IV - Official Launch Trailer

Is it me or is the trailer cringe AF ?


How dare they not conform to the ideals of your cult? I mean the nerve!!

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Siege of Acre , 3rd Crusade, Crusaders + Mongols fought against the Sultanates form Arabia to retain the costal gateways into the levant… no cringy wamen actors were pressent there though.



That would have been really cool

That is, like the trailer, a sign of its time : P

Hehe that is a sharp remark :slight_smile:
Making a historically incorrect and cringy trailer and then censoring comments pointing out that it is historically incorrect and cringy.

Perhaps these comments need to be censored as well, because you can’t just have people expressing their views on a forum that is about people expressing their views.

I created a poll about the censorship that took place in this topic. I am curious to know what forum users honestly think about this censorship:


I am little curious, how was it made? Did they actually use some statues or is just animation? wish the real gameplay looked as stunning.

I wish some studio gets an idea or inspiration from this and makes an epic game we all wish for

@KittyWolf214 Big agree. I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is after all, Make history your story.


Equating “women being in a game trailer” to “being in a cult” is such an embarrassing take on this topic that I won’t even bother trying to refute it.

Did you actually think this was a good one-liner?


When was this game historically accurate?

-Jeanne d’Arc using a sword and killing people.
-Bohemians can fight the Aztecs (weird matchups)
-All civs are capable of fighting each other off no matter their real power.
-Units can be around the same height as a stone wall.
-You’re a godlike being controlling units.
-Shove food in the microwave and you get a villager.
-Shove a combination of food and gold (or wood) in a different microwave and you get a military unit.
-Smack wood with a hammer and you get a building in an incredibly short amount of time.

I can go on.

-Musket reload speed is absurdly fast (The best soldiers usually could only get to 15 seconds around the Franco-Prussian War time period and before).
-Native factions can fight in Asia (weird matchups x2)
-Prussians can fight India (weird matchups x3)
-The campaign literally has a knight find the fountain of youth while competing against the Ottomans in America
-Magical shipments arrive- sometimes even on a landlocked state and supposedly.came from the capital within a minute.
-Proportions. Ships are tiny while units are strangely large like all RTS.

-Woman in trailer!!!
-Proportions. Units are huge, buildings are small, walls are normal size.
-Muslim factions can’t hunt a boar (I’m pretty sure they can kill them but not eat them). Instead they get better berries for some unknown reason.
-English can fight the Delhi during the Dark Age. Dark Ages aren’t even really an age.
-An Imperial Age faction can fight one in the Dark Age.

You get the point, I’m not going to spend all afternoon writing this.

Women still fought in war, but in Europe they mostly didn’t. Depends on what era and location you’re talking about. Shieldmaidens, Russian snipers and pilots, hell even medics. There’s a lot of examples around the world.

Men aren’t the only people who can have muscles but okay…?

It’s not like when we play as the English we’re the King of Wessex or something. It’s an RTS based on history, not just a movie on historical events.


Is there incompatability with Windows 11? Trying to pre-load the game but getting a XBOX Store error 0x00000001

There are womens and minorities in my video game trailer, let’s complain on the internet fellow gamers! Rise up!

…no seriously, can we not engage in this kind of conspiracy claptrap for once? The trailer isn’t great as it looks too mobile-oriented for my taste but does everything ** has** to descend into some culture war? Jesus Christ.


If it doesn’t work, try these steps. They are from a Windows support member:

  1. Logout from Xbox app and Microsoft Store app
  2. Look for the Xbox app and Microsoft Store in the Windows menu, right-click, click app settings and then click terminate, restore and reset.
  3. Clear the store cache type ‘‘wsreset’’ in the Windows bar, run as admin, and wait for the screen to close and open the store automatically.
  4. Open the Microsoft Store, click on ‘‘library’’ in the lower-left corner then ‘‘get updates’’ and update everything.
  5. Login with your account again in both apps and try again.

I have a strong feeling this thread is going to be closed within 30 minutes to a few hours.

another one bites the dust I guess.

She’s representing a player playing the game! How difficult is it to understand? Why is this even a debate?

For me it was quite obvious…


As a general response, Age of Empires is all about making your own history.

This trailer is basically like if you, here in this case a woman, was filmed giving commands to your troops and your soldiers executing them.

Yes, it is very different from previous launch trailers with the focus put more on the player but considering that even the trailer says “Make your own history”, it is really clear what this trailer tries to convey.

And yes, also women play AOE.

Some of the comments here just come off as unnecessary mysogynistic. This complaints about historical accuracy come off as ridiculous considering what the previous games in the franchise allowed to do or does anybody remember Goths fighting off the Malays on Texas?

AOE2 takes a quite light-hearted take on history and should keep doing so. I’m already quite dissappointed on how greyish everything in AOE4 looks :frowning:


Good, the entire aim of a thread is to have the devs know of our displeaasement of their sub par product. Do you understand why we are here and why we endevour to speak out against the shoddy business / political practices of this company?

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I mean, warfare is all about politics. There were women fighters and even leaders. Granted there are way fewer than men were. Women were not exactly treated well and neither were (poor) men during those times.

But let’s ignore that for a second and focus on the “historical realism” part.

If you want that then you must complain about all the other inaccuracies and seek their removal. But that would yield a very boring game with all the cool stuff removed, now wouldn’t it?


Thanks for finally giving this topic closure, mods.


[mod hat on] If I wanted to moderate a forum about internet strangers arguing politics, you can be well assured I would be doing that by now. Instead, I moderate a forum about imaginary knights killing unmanned trebuchets.

And if you don’t like how this forum is moderated, please feel welcome to discuss this with our superiors at World’s Edge. We unpaid mods serve at their pleasure. But how we moderate this forum is not itself a topic of discussion on this forum. We are tasked with cleaning this place up and keeping it on topic.

We mods cannot stand idly by and watch you all use the game’s trailer to shoehorn your politics into this forum.

If you want to argue about politics, the entire rest of the internet is out there waiting for you. Go there. Not here. If you want to argue about zoom, civ design, UI, maps, or any of our other nerdy topics, please come here.

Thanks so much, and be excellent to each other.