Age of Empires IV Official Soundtrack

In the library of the game on Steam, DLC soundtracks did not appear in the additional content section. What to do? I can’t attach a screenshot, I’m not at home right now.

Hi @PycMadWolf, You purchased the Deluxe Edition correct? If so and it’s not showing under additional content, you may want to contact Steam support. Even when it is shown, it doesn’t download automatically so you have to manually choose that.

No, I bought the regular version. I just saw the presence of soundtracks as additional content and since the price is not specified, as with the 4K HDR VIDEO Pack, then you can download it for free. So I made a mistake and need to buy separately from the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Hi @PycMadWolf, You’re welcome to purchase the Digital Deluxe version but I would not recommend it based upon how little is actually provided as part of that edition of the game. I imagine that the soundtrack will be made available for purchase or streaming separately eventually. You may be able to find the soundtrack uploaded to YouTube on unofficial channels, even though that is discouraged for legal reasons.

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