Age of Empires IV — Patch 11963

Patch 11963 is releasing later this week, and we’re here to provide a preview of what’s to come for Age of Empires IV!

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I like black forest, Confluence, and boulder bay. Why not balance water else than removing map challenges. Black forest is a special specie by its unique and generates specific strategies. Not happy with this one.


They said patch will be live tomorrow. Does anyone know what time?

Well, nice patch especially for wonder.
Key issue now is when is the ranked games with hotkey buffs is coming? We expected it begining of march as it was promised i guess…

Generally, most of this looks good.

I don’t think the stone wall issue is fixed. Build time helps, but you can still build the first few% of a foundation and block all movement and units can’t even attack the barely started sections. That has to be addressed.

Shocked Delhi sacred site gold was nerfed but HRE relic gold wasn’t nerfed.

Upcoming stuff about landmarks for Abba, HRE, etc. look good. Disappointed nothing stated about Delhi landmarks though…

Spring update DESPERATELY NEEDS to do something about Delhi’s Feudal landmarks. Can we PLEASE get a viable alternative to playing for sacred sites? Nerfing gold income from sacred sites doesn’t achieve that. It makes sacred sites less good, but doesn’t make NOT going for them any better. Delhi still needs to grab those sacred sites to be competitive (though getting them arguably made Delhi TOO strong previously). If Delhi doesn’t get sacred sites (or at least succeed in majorly distracting the enemy contesting sacred sites), they are super vulnerable in Feudal. It would be wonderful to see the early sacred site play tied to 1 of the landmarks (maybe Tower of Victory - it fits the aggressive play style) and have the other give some kind of alternative eco or military bonus that would be more useful for maps with reduced numbers of sacred sites (e.g. Black Forest, KotH), maps where they’re hard to get (islands), or team games where it’s harder to be sure of holding them (and it’s annoying that having Delhi present means both teams have to be focused on sacred sites immediately).

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They mentioned Pacific Time, so not later than 5pm PST I believe.

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Joined the page just to say how dissapointed i am at the continued removal of maps from the quick play list. I have never had a issue with any map, but to take away two off my fav’s being black forest and confluence is annoying.( i lose on them amountable times too ) I know not everyone likes them but the whole point is to learn to adapt to them right !!?? i never even had a issue with the water maps. Sorry but this is the wrong move to keep removing them. Give players a vote system on map choice somehow or just add them back in and let people dodge , because this is silly. What’s going to happen when everyone dodges the next load due to balance? we shall all be playing 1 map with no choice. The reason for map dodging isnt the maps but the balance of civ’s on them. Thats my thoughts anyways.


Delhi was already not that viable outside of sacred sites before this update, and their win rate and pick rate was bellow average. This just feels like another nerf on a faction that needs help.

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We will see how well this patch works. Disappointed they didn’t work on the unit balance more

Did abbasid age up time ever get changed? Its at 1:45?

8.8 Gbs just for these changes?? Please please tell me there is much more signifiant content coming?

Wouldn’t mind that you removed maps from Quick Match pool if at least there were plenty of maps or if they had been removed from “competitive” only but left them in Quick Match, sadly neither is the case. Although I understand your reasoning, I don’t like the feeling that the game I am playing right now has about 2/3 of the content it had 6 months ago.
And yes, I know I still can play them through custom matches, but there is considerably less people there and is way harder to find opponents around your skill.

The patch was like 100Mb but Steam said 10Gb because some Files had to be removed or replaced.

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Hello. I play this game on Game Pass and ever since this patch I can’t play with my steam friends. What’s up?

Thank you for smashing Delhi even more into the ground. As a Delhi main I absolutely welcome any change that makes me feel even less competitively viable than yesterday. Incentivize going for other win objectives by, rather than making them more appealing in any way, make our only win condition that much more frustrating to obtain. Everyone knows that extra frustration makes games more fun, right? Look at WoW, they did that and they’re getting the best player numbers they’ve ever had.

Why the mongols from this game has released always got nerfed lol. This is like Blackbeard from Rainbow Six Siege FFS

@CupaCoopa cuz the ovoo like BB shield,It’s a game mechanics problem, changing the value doesn’t make much sense