Age of Empires IV — Patch 7989

And judging by the mongol rush “fix”, they are going to fix the Rus exploit by removing Warrior Monks

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When you expect nothing and still feel disappointed.

Can this game be passed on to Forgotten Empires already?


15 days and the only thing they actually did was switch to Mongolian TC factor.
i believe have one or two people working in that…

based in aoe3DE Dlcs, ill not spend any money in dlc of this game…

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And the actual issue (broken upgrade) is not fixed lul

18 days for this crappy Hotfix that had to come out after 2 days and above not fixing the Mongol bug and the relics? Very disappointed.

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Judging by the steam database, this hotfix was issued almost 2 weeks ago. So it’s going to take at least that much for each hotfix to go through the micro$ofts certification process.


Please add custom color options in the game


$60 game and we only get bandaid solutions clap clap clap


I tried scholar buff in custom and its working properly. Also the HRE prelate inspiration works well.

Prelate don’t always bug

What is the abbasid bug?

Rus relic dupe is still in effect then? A bit annoyed at the Mongol fix. All they had to do was move the building speed tech to feudal not give us some weird zone we can’t unpack in.

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Although I am enjoying this game I am quite disappointed that this is all we are getting.
I understand waiting until more builds are figured and meta is developed, however there are glaring balance problems on this game that are running the fun for a lot of players. Naval maps are pretty much unplayable unless you play with one specific civ.


The developer who announced the patch @aocashleylynn is on twitch… might be worth asking for an explanation on her stream why such well known things like the relic bug havnt yet been touched!


Camel barding + 2 armor upgrade doesn’t give armor at all, just the visual upgrade, it’s still here, i checked it, i tested the wrong upgrade for first. Sorry.

So the camel rider upgrade is still here.

Where have you learned that she is a dev? Because she streams almost full time and dates one of the AoE2 pros. She also doesnt live in Canada and as far as I know isnt part of the Relic team.


AoE4 devs are sitting on gold mine of all this attention and just letting it slip through their fingers.

This is sad day for all of us. Them not working is hurting us all


Official Discord at this very moment:

“Just learn to code and make your own game”

“Making games is hard”

It literally says on her profile if you clicker her name that she’s a dev.

The post announcing the patch was made by her

And she works for world’s edge, who are responsible for the patch.

At this point I’m pretty sure I know more about Company of Heroes 3 than AoE4. And that game isn’t even in Alpha.

The communication is barely existant, and QA most likely done by players.

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