Age of Empires IV Russian localization

Hey guys, I’m a translator, I’ve made a highly popular Age of Mythology Russian translation (as steam workshop mod), I want to contribute in AOE IV / Definitive Editions localization!

You can check my mod in steam workshop by typing ‘Russian Localization’ and see how many good reviews it has.
My main goal is to keep original spirit of the games, I was grown on these titles, I played them so many times in English, so it’s time to make a really great translation of the past games and upcoming one.

I didn’t found any discussions on that count, nor any contacts or vacations, please contact with me, I really wish I could contribute in localization of AOE!

Age of Empires IV is being development by Relics Entertainment. I don’t think they will hire someone for russian translation if they have already one.
But I don’t know, maybe they are watching us in the anonymity of these forums to see if there are any willing to help.

The publisher handles translation work, not the developer.

No any contacts at Microsoft side :frowning:

Скорее всего перевод будет от субподрядчика вроде 1С-СофтКлаб, вместе с продвижением на рынке СНГ, Украины и Грузии. Вообще с такими идеями лучше сразу к издателям, а не к разработчикам. Правда прямо вот на работу попасть там не так легко. Да и не так это весело и здорово. И выбирать над чем работать вряд ли придётся.

Such a big product will most likely be released in many, many languages, including Russian, presumably. Nevertheless, writing here won’t get you much attention, I’m afraid, you should rather PM the game devs who can occur to be responsible for such matters.

Hi, I recently (few hours\minutes ago) mailed Relic, Sega and Feral for issues of “racism” due to mainstream\choice of stereotype audio voice over on Foreign Soldiers troops in COH 1 and 2 (and typical mainstream game choice still today even if it is an obsolete choice with harmful consequences).
Localization of menus and stories is good.

I just wanna make my point without over-writing and to let you know_ this is not a naive point _of view or a politically correct crap (we need to accept diversity and of course even if tastes are different this is an objective fact in 2017).

Having a german trooper that speaks with german accent in the english version of the game or a soviet (always in the english version game) that speak with “russian” accent english is really discriminatory, not funny and flattening\objectifying cultures.

I really hope this error and huge cultural mistake that creates barriers of cultural type in crowds won’t be made in age of empires (like it has been made in Company of Heroes 1 and 2).
Please remove the “Murica” style of production mindset** from games. (European originating - Europe-centric world \ christian religion we all come from since history has been made from Europe and imposed with violence besides the many huge influxes of many events and forces - one example: why we call “Middle East” what is not “middle east” but eastern Mediterranean in case).

If you don’t agree with these views you can check all the AOE 3 (which was not a great game for various reasons I won’t quote now as these are other issues and my options) did correctly by putting general diverse voices (and same for everyone in every game region\version for every civilization. I go on Dutch thay say something, I choose japanese they say something else, but not as the NATIONAL version of the game Was the center of everything, error , huge error which is made instead with COH (just to say one game obsolete Audio).

At least be civil enough not to postpone cultural and content quality (not mentioning MISSION) to Business (as normalizing stereotypes to please immature public opinion offering comfort zone abiding games is a corrupted practice).
Let’s go beyond nations, and understand we are one in diversity (richness) and not ego and horribly and wrongly diverse…

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Как мне игру скачать?