Age of Empires IV should logically be set in WW1


I was thinking this this other day. When will Age of Empires IV be set?

Age of Empires I was the Stone age (???) > Iron Age. (200s)
Age of Empires II was the Dark age (400s) > Imperial Age (1400s)
Age of Empires III was the Discovery Age (1500s) > Imperial Age (1800s)

The Age of Empire ended in the 1930s with the start of the modern age.
World war I was the last great war featuring European Empires.

So Age of Empires IV should be set in 1900s to 1920s.
Also, WW1 has been really popular lately.


German Empire
British Empire
Ottoman Empire
Austro-hungarian Empire
United States
Russian Empire
Japanese Empire

Imagine deploying to a new map, thats beautiful, and pristine. Just to have trenches dug into it, and craters blasted into it. ’

Post Note: I know for sure its not gonna be WW2 because Relic already does Company Of Heroes and Microsoft isnt going to want to confuse Age of Empires and CoH.


So when you clicked to advance to next age you’d just go from 1919 to 1920? Or should they scrap one of the most iconic AOE gameplay mechanics: age advancement? And are we supposed to just dig and camp into trenches like WW1 worked?

Nope, WW1 is not the next logical timeline, they will most likely go back in time.


Then you will have the Campaign for the liberation of Greece in 1821.
My list would include The Greeks, Russians, Ottomans, Arabs and Persians. 1821-1928


African Continent will be a Big Deal in World Wars Era in AoE future franchise.

A new age advancement phase can be added 1800-1945.