Age Of Empires Iv Steam Pricing

Pretty stupid if you live in some countries you have to pay more than what the US retail price is.


I am from Costa Rica I paid $34 for age iv, compared to coh3 $43…

still expensive considering the minimun salary vs the real adquisition value on latam countries

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Pues el salario mínimo en chile es de 380 mil pesos, pero si tomamos en cuenta la inflación por la que pasa mi pais, pues bueno el juego básicamente te sale mucho más caro.

i paid $100 in australia, its kind of given everything will be costlier here.

Pretty much everything costs different in different countries. This is why there are tons of cost of living metrics out there, which relate to things like how far the average wage goes, strength of the economy and fiat currency, and so on.

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Do we have a list of other major releases and their pricing as well? Is this pricing comparable to those other games? These need to be answered in order to determine if it’s “stupid” or just normal.

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Moreover I believe the cost to buy aoe4 outright is artificially higher in order to encourage gamepass subscriptions.

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i guess that didnt work because steam user have more playerbase than gamepass one

Artificially higher than . . . what? The price you’ve set in your head?

Aussies get badly hit by pricing on general. Canada too. It sucks, but if folks are just gonna invent conspiracy theories, what is there to actually discuss?

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microsoft pricing their games considerably higher is purely because they want people to buy gamepass subscriptions. have you seen the cost of their new flight simulator?

i’d say it worked perfectly as they got sold really well despite the high price. for an unfinished game like aoe4

I mean, a lot of new games are and have been coming out at that kind of price. People were shocked when Civ VI was what it was, and that was half a decade ago.

Everyone can think it is or isn’t worth their money, for sure. Especially with how much everything else in life is costing us. But games going up in price isn’t unique to Age IV or even Game Pass games.

Different countries different regulations.

  • Some have suplimentary taxes on online goods
  • Different VAT between countries etc.

About Game Pass.

  • I don’t know from where people keep geting Game Pass numbers. Is there a public release of those numbers or can you see them if you have a GamePass account.
  • Anyway it does not matter in terms of profit how many people play Aoe 4 from Game Pass. What matters is how many players Aoe 4 atracted to GamePass and how many stayed even if they don’t play Aoe4.

I mean $60 is regular pricing for a triple A title. But I would say that it is still seems high for aoe IV. It would make sense that they charged a bit more then they normally would to try to get people onto game pass, since everything is being pushed towards subscription . If they can get a lot of people to switch they can get more of a passive income and maybe make more money long term

so that mean is bad news for aoe series as they can pull another aoe 4 in future games