Age of Empires Mobile: What is it? What do you expect?

There’s no dedicated section to this game so I’m posting this here…

Age of Empires Mobile.

What do you think this is going to be about?
What do you wish to see? or What do you expect?
Maybe what would you like to NOT see?


From left to right, what appears to be a Byzantine king, a Chinese or Japanese (?) and Joan of Arc(?) # ####### So we know that the game is also taking place in the middle ages, although presumably with not the same civilizations as in AoEIV.

The franchise has seen quite a few mobile games in the past.
Age of Empires II and III mobile games were the equivalents to their PC versions.
Age of Empires World Domination featured gameplay very similar to an Age game but was a standalone title.
Age of Empires Castle siege on the other was something completely different.

What approach would you like to see being followed with the new game? An AoEIV mobile version? A different game with typical Age of Empires gameplay? Something else like Castle Siege? Or Maybe something that you have seen in other mobile games?

Age of Empires II mobile

Age of Empires III mobile

Age of Empires World Domination

Age of Empires Castle Siege

Seeing how much Genshin Impact pushed the limits of how large and graphic heavy a mobile game could be, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just tweak AoE 4 graphics a little bit and labeled it as AoE Mobile, then allow crossplay to PC or console version.

It’s definitely not that.

So I just found out about this after wondering if we were going to hear more about Age of Mythology Retold this weekend.

I haven’t played a mobile game outside of Pokemon Go but I think I’ll give this a try if and when it comes out.

My hope would be like for any remake - they remember the roots but make some changes for a better player experience.

I know Age of Empires Online is kind of the boogeyman and no one at Xbox or World’s Edge wants to talk about it but I think there were some good fundamental ideas with that game. The idea of building your own custom city that is permanent. The idea of different buildings within your city giving you access to people who give you quests (single player campaigns). But the idea didn’t seem fully fleshed out when you consider the map builders in previous games, the detail in city builders and RPGS/multiplayer games with building elements. The failures were relatively obvious. People disliked the graphics describing them as cartoony. They probably should have eased into it with a more painterly style or some other style that blends as an example Guild Wars 2.

So maybe a city builder element where you can make a Roman or Persian or Yamato or Shang or Egyptian themed “home city” like in AOEO. And then maybe a simplified RTS experience where you create and manipulate groups of units as opposed to individual ones.

I’m just excited we’ll have Age of Mythology Retold and now this mobile game which could be interesting to me depending on the direction they take.