Age of Empires Mobile

Does anyone know which Age title is the inspiration for the mobile game coming next month?

The mobile version looks like AoE3 style of art with medieval units that move on hexagon box like in civilization series games.

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Isn’t that game called Return to Empire? The devs shouldn’t have taken so long just to translate the game into English and other languages.

Confirmation that the new Age of Empires mobile game IS a localized version of the China-only Return to Empire. :sweat_smile:

Sooooo when is the actual release date? Just making a localized version of a game shouldn’t take long.

I saw in an article from Polygon (from today) that this is more than just a localization.

Either way, the gameplay footage left me really confused. Some of it looks quite similar to aoe and genuinely really cool, but some of the gameplay in Age of Noob’s video looks straight-up atrocious.


Why does a mobile game have better graphics than a PC game??

Are you talking about AoE IV in particular? AoE I to III DE support high resolutions (8K in AoE I DE’s case). Or maybe it’s just the screen size.

There is no exact date, but you can look around August.
The beta for the game will happen earlier tho.

I am talking aboutI~IV. I find the 3D models and UI in AoE Mobile to be gorgeous and more detailed. More importantly, I feel that most of the objects on the map are still clean enough and distinguishable, whereas in AoMRT and AoE III, they apply too many decals on the ground, making finding a specific unit difficult. In AoE III, I have to lower the foliage and enable unit outlines to make finding a unit easier, and I feel they still make the same mistake in AoMRT.

I think they could do some research (something like what the human eye is more sensitive to), rather than just filling everything on the screen.

AoE Mobile even has a beautiful 3D opening animation. I don’t play any mobile games, so it is disappointing that the graphics of the mobile version are better than I~IV.

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Beautiy is in the eye of the beholder
I personally think aoe3 much prettier than the other aoe´s. In many ways