Age of Empires Steam Achievement is not functional

Build 32911, Steam

Issue: The Age of Empires achievement (Win a game with every civilization.) does not work. Upon completion of every civ, the achievement is not awarded to you.

Can only upload one screenshot, pardon for the clarity here, but I have every single civ completed, according to the log at least. Lithuanians seem to be out of alphabetical order for this achievement as well it seems, wonder if that as anything to do with the problem, maybe it isn’t classed as one of the achievements done for some reason.



Confirmed on my game just now, I went through the entire list alphabetically, using 6 AI allies to wipe out 1 AI enemy quickly. I have all of the civs victorious, but no Age of Empires achievement.

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Same thing
I wanted to have this one done on the first day, went through all the work of doing that just to not get it regardless.
It’s seriously frustrating.

Same here. Just won a game with the last remaining civ, but Age of Empires achievement doesn’t unlock.

Just to check: have you played as Random? Because I learnt that that was required on the MS Store version, through … maybe a good place to keep an eye on for the game’s achievements, because people there are nuts about Gamerscore and work hard to find out why things are not working :slight_smile:


omg are you kidding me? the only reason I didn’t get this achievement the first day is because I didn’t play random?
Devs what in the actual f*** is this bs? I’m seriously pissed rn
I rly wanna hurt the guy who thought this was a good idea

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Achievement description should clarify, that player needs to play as random

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Game Version:

  • Build (####)
  • Platform (Steam)


Won a game with every civilization (have all the achievements) but the actual " Win a game with every civilization." is not triggering.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Win with every civ


Game Version: 101.101.34793.0 4597979

  • Build: 34793
  • Platform: Steam

Back in November, 2019, I completed all of the civs with a won game. I waited a few patches to see if it would get fixed, but nothing happened. The Age of Empires achievement did not unlock. This is the achievement for completing all of the civs with a win.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. I finished a battle with all of the civs, with a win.
  2. I suspect it was due to my internet outage somewhere between civ win 29 - 32.
  3. While offline, the achievements still unlocked.
  4. Suspecting that by completing those civs online, I would get the Age of Empires achievement, but since the achievements are now unlocked, it makes it somewhat tedious to figure out which ones I would be “missing.”
  5. I assume it would be possible to do an if/else case to check if all of the achievements are done to checkbox the Age of Empires achievement?

Screenshot attached.


Game Version 101.101.34793.0 4597979
Platform: Steam

I’m also having issues with the achievements showing up. I saw that there is already a known issue for Sushi Lover, but I’ve also missed out on receiving at least two others.
I’ve been trying to earn several achievements in each game, but it seems I’ll only get marked for 2/3 or 3/4. Example attached: I won a Regicide game by using a Petard to kill the enemy king. I only got the achievement for the Petard, not for winning the Regicide.
I’ve also completed but not unlocked: Rough Ride – Beat an AI opponent on “Hard” difficulty in a 1v1 game.


Lastly, the achievements concerning quantities do not update. For example, I have easily built 100 or more Trebuchets for the “90kg over 300 Meters” achievement, but it shows grey 300/300, so I’m not sure where I stand in the count.


It appears, that you have to win with civilizations while playing as random

That’s really dumb. Just the logistics of that alone. I’ll just pretend I have it, at that point.

Thank you all for the report and the discovery of a workaround! I’ve passed the information to the team so they can take a look at the ‘Age of Empires’ achievement.

(If you are experiencing issues with a different achievement, please help me out and contribute or create a new thread highlighting the issue. This will make it easier for me to source and pass along the information.)

Thanks again!

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bonjour gros avec le succes
Age of Empires "Gagnez une partie avec chaque civilisation "
j’ai fait une partie avec chaque civ mais pas valide !

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My achievements seem to bugged, particulary victory achievements.

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Closing topic, as new posts suggest a new issue that should be captured in a new discussion thread.